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Monday, May 27, 2013


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Since checking in at Mc Arthur Motel, I have seen none of the staff.  At checkout in the morning...again, no one.  So, I left some $$ on the Lobby table with a note and e-mail address..."..if you need more $$, let me know..."

Looks as though the "Hotel" is no longer in operation...Tammy having made a special exception for me to stay the night.

Walked across the street for a bite of breakfast...then SAM and ME walked North on SR 93.

Please say HELLO to ASHLIN...who served breakfast at Mama Renie's. 

Ashlin is a Freshman in college, studying to become a RN (Registered Nurse)...and then continue her education to become a Doctor of Medicine.

State Route (SR) 93, heading out of McArthur, Ohio.

Tomorrow is MEMORIAL DAY...many cemeteries are decorated with flowers for the occassion.

Please say HELLO to VIC.  Vic chased after SAM and ME to discover what we were up to.  We chatted for at least 1/2 hour before SAM and ME continued north on SR 93.

Many will remember this vehicle...perhaps the first in history...belonging to FRED of FLINTSTONE fame.

SR 93, which we walked and rolled some 10 miles before intersecting with SR 56, which we will follow for the next few days.

Many very old farms along SR 93 and SR 56.

Click the images to enlarge...celebration of Ohio Bicentennial (1803 - 2003)

Whereas SR 93 was very wide and nearly flat, SR 56 is quite narrow and a continuous chain of steep hills and curves.  SR 56 is rather heavily travelled by tourists heading for the local Caves...ASH CAVE and OLD MAN'S CAVE. 

I stopped at ASH CAVE, which last year presented a spectacular waterfall crashing to the sandy floor from the overhead roof about 100 feet high.  This year, there was only a trickle of water falling...quite a disappointment for photographs were quite non-spectacular, so are not included here.

OLD MAN CAVE is a ways off SR 56, and I was pooped from pushing SAM up and down so many steep, I did not take the time to go see that cave.

Some of the more temperate undulating hills of SR 56.

Please say HELLO to GREG, JULIE, and NICK...visiting from the State of Michigan.

Look closely at the is a duplicate of my own SAM before I heavily modified her.   Both are manufactured in Canada...model CHARIOT.  SAM's modifications, however, are so extensive as to no longer look like the original Chariot.

SAM contemplating one of the many curves on SR 56.

This roadside barn carries a tobacco advertisement.  Last year, this same barnhad a different ad when I walked past.

Our objective for the day was the small village of LAURELVILLE, Ohio.  About 4 miles from Laurelville, rain clouds were gathering as we walked and rolled past the above church.  I stopped in, entered, an encountered two 72 years old...the other, her Aunt at 94 years old.  They both agreed I should wait for the Pastor to arrive before setting up my sleeping bag in the roofed-over patio - in the background of the above photograph.

Pastor Jim quickly agreed I could stay the night under the patio roof's protection...also inviting me to attend the 7:00 pm services...which I did.

Lasting 1.5 hours, the first hour of the evening services was taken up by three members playing the piano, guitar, and all three singing...the membership did not join in...simply moved in time with the tempo of the many original pieces...mostly written and arranged by the male vocalist...husband of one of the two sisters making up the trio.  The music was quite pleasant...if a bit loud.

Then, Pastor Jim took over...I have often head of pastors really getting into preaching...but never before witnessed a performance put on by Pastor Jim.  Much of his message was machine gun rapid...I could catch every 5th word or so;  most of it was L O U D...interspersed with whisper quiet;  all in all, capturing the packed church member's attention and shouts of encourage..."you tell 'em, Jim...", but totally losing me. 

I did stay dry under the patio roof and got a good sleep interrupted only three times to go piddle.

SR 56, after leaving the severe ups and downs, became flat and very manageable as we continued the 4 miles into town (Laurelville), where I stopped in at the RIDGE RESTAURANT for an exceptional breakfast...

Rain continued to fall from before my packing up SAM at the church, until an hour or so after continuing West on SR 56 toward today's goal of the larger town of CIRCLEVILLE, Ohio.

The forrests and severe hills of SouthEast Ohio being behind us, the land became relatively flat.  A few meandering streams slowly moved under SR 56 bridges...and the one pond (swamp) above alone in the vastness of the surrounding grasslands.

A Cellar Door;  Some recall the 1930s song:  

Hide in my Rain Barrel,
Slide down my Cellar Door;

And we'll be Jolly Friends
For evermore!

A lazy shallow stream.

Look closely at the foreground of the above photograph...newly planted corn has sprouted in the past couple days...we are now walking through continuous corn be with us for the next 1,500 miles or so.

This quartet of true donkys serenaded SAM and ME as we stopped to take this photograph.  The fellow on the left was extremely vocal, bellering out a bleat to rival in decibles, that of Pastor Jim.

The horizon has moved many miles off into the distance.  Until reaching the Mississippi River, it will remain so.

Another slowly moving stream.  The locals call such a waterway a CRICK (Creek).  Out West, we also call such a stream of water a CRICK (Creek).

Please say HELLO to HARRY and LISA, who were driving by SAM and ME.  They did a "U" turn, and waited for us to walk up to them.  After exlaining our response to their ... "...what are you doing out here", both became somewhat religious, asking if we could pray together...which we (they) did.  Daughter VANESSA, in the back seat of their car, handed out three bottles of cold water to..." keep you hydrated...".  Harry also handed me a $20 bill, which we are using to help defray the cost of our motel room this is supposed to rain cats and dogs tonight.

SAM pondering our arrival at the town limits of CIRCLEVILLE, Ohio.

A town of 13,000 +, Circleville has big box stores and a number of motels...all located some two miles from town at the distant intersection of Route 32.  SAM and ME located a modest 1950 vintage motel in the center of town, where we have taken the $40.00 room for the night.

Please say HELLO to MARY ALICE Circleville for the Memorial Day holidays to visit family.  Mary asked me to sit with her - offering me lunch, which I had just "endured" at the local Chinese Buffet.  Mary and I chatted while she finished her lunch...she,quite knowledgeable about walking and the good health that results.

It is now 9:00 pm...this update is nearly complete...and as of yet, no rain.

In the morning, we will continue West on SR 56, attempting to reach the village of LONDON, some 35 miles distant.  During tomorrow, we will skirt the large city of COLUMBUS, Ohio by about 30 miles.

Must admit to being a bit tired.  Smoking is all the rage in this part of Ohio.  Sucking in second-hand smoke is causing my lungs to become congested...will be pleased when we find smoke-free digs.

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