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Tuesday, May 14, 2013


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Please bear with me for another day.  Since LOW MOOR, SAM and ME have walked and rolled many miles, now crashing in a cheapie motel in the town of RAINELLE, West Virginia.

We have today climbed three 8 %+ mountains...but only a couple miles long.  Even so, I am totally wiped out...have covered something over 40 miles - will check exact mileage in the morning -...and will leave it at that for the moment...

I need rest as tomorrow we tackle the first of the three 8%+ 5 - mile long mountains.  Objective will be to reach HAWKS NEST STATE PARK - a bit West of the town of ANSTED, West Virginia on Old Highway 60...where we can find excellent rooms for the night...and if necessary, take an extra day rest before tackling the final major mountain.

After today's effort, am not certain I will be up to pushing SAM up 5 miles of near vertical mountains...I will try !

We have had two days of excellent walking...lots of super people and exciting events to share...but that will have to wait...

...for now, at 8:00 pm, after walking 11 hours today, will shower and go listen to the pillows.



Warren said...

I enjoy reading your posts, Bruce. Part of me cringes a little when I hear about your hard days. And I remind myself that you are doing this because you want to. Sometimes the big picture gets lost in the smaller events. In that way, a walk is like real life, I suppose.

Anonymous said...

Look like you are doing great fl of wv