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Friday, June 18, 2010

Brothers to Hampton Station

Again, it started out quite cold. During our sun-filled walk it warmed to nearly 80. A strong breeze blew all day, so SAM motored the entire way...I simply could not push SAM against the 15 - 20 mph wind coming straight down our throat.

SAM used "red" battery bank all the way; both solar panels charged the three batteries as SAM took amps out to drive her motor. Upon arrival at Hampton Station, "red" was charged to 39.2 volts...i.e., the solar panels nearly kept up with the draw for the motor. Climbed only 2 small hills, so SAM only had to fight the wind,

As usual, SAM was superb.

We are staying the night at Hampt0n Station. We will walk only 18 miles tomorrow to an isolated intersection with a large parking space .A word about Hampton Station...It has been fully renovated yo meet all Oregon standards. The restaurant is very modern in all respects. The food is varied and prepared as tho customers are family. Most clients sit & chat with owners Bruce and Carol. Granddaughter Amanda (about 22 I would guess) apparently helps full time. A good place for travellers to stop.

Included today is a pic ... R.I.P. ANGELA. I have taken altogether too many pics during our walk of similar spots where young boys & girls breathed their last. I stop at each site, look around and try to imagine how this tragedy is too often an upsetting few moments for me...I wonder if they know that I care and stopped to spend a few moments with them / with their memory.

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