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Monday, June 21, 2010

Walk or Run

Daughter, Monica, gave me a ride this morning to the Rest Stop, where I ended yesterday's walk.

US 20 from the Rest Stop 14 miles out of Burns is still full of sharp gravel, so once again I walked sans SAM who is comfy in the trailer with Motorcycle. . To keep up appearances, I mostly trotted - or nearly so - all the way into Burns. The 14 miles took only 3.25 hours.
14 miles is not really to Burns. It is to the outskirts of Hines, a Burns suburb. Burns proper is actually 7 miles my walk today was 21 miles.

I had a very fast walk. Missed Sam's powerful motor on the two long steep hills.
So, I invoked some smoke and mirrors psychology.
Being 6.1 tall, my eyes are about 5'11" above the ground. Sighting out 20 feet, it looks like it is actually "down hill" to that spot 20 feet out.

When climbing hills, I convince my mind that the spot 20 feet out IS actually "down hill", not up hill as we all know it is. But, surprisingly, my mind buys the ridiculous "logic" and we walk DOWN 5'11" to that spot ( which of course, is moving forward up hill).

Before my mind realizes I pulled a fast one, we have reached the top of the hill and are quite pleased with our effort.

OK OK works for me...

See what happens when one has too much time to think. And what else is there to do when walking 25 miles a day in the wilderness, except think.

I must's walk was a total pleasure. I believe I am working up to 30 + miles a day pretty soon...which has been my goal from the start of our walk.
Shuttling vehicles in support of each day's walk is working well. It is, however, starting to take a toll on me, siphoning away stamina needed to walk.
Had my interview with the Burns Newspaper Editor this afternoon. He, Randy, was gaga over SAM, and showed some reserved awe with the old guy pushing her. Says to me..., "give me a call when you reach Key he hands me his business card, turns back to his office door saying (over his shoulder), ...'good luck'.

I think I missed something in that exchange.

1 comment:

Scott Mumford said...

Thirty miles a day. I'm 20 years your junior--and not sure I could even manage HALF that walking distance every day.

Consider bottling and selling whatever it is that makes those distances possible. I'll take two cases, please!