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Friday, June 25, 2010

Walking Is Complicated ?? !!

I have been accused of doing things the hard way. I have proved that to be true with my walk.

For lack of support, my logistic system is proving to be workable, but is also very time consuming and expensive...time I have...funds are becoming a problem.

So, I have again revised my logistics.

Yesterday I crossed Stinking Water Mountain twice...once East and once back West for a total of 24 miles.

Today I drove the entire entourage 35 miles to Juntura/Oasis RV-Restaurant. On the way, I stopped at East side of "Drinking Water Mountain"; took SAM out of the trailer, and SAM & ME walked the three miles to the summit and back down to the waitng Van...Total miles = 6 miles.

Upon arrival at Juntura, SAM & ME again started walking West. We climbed another steep mountain for 10 miles, turned arouind and walked back to the waiting Van/Trailer. Total miles = 20. Total miles for the day = 26 miles.

Combined with yesterday's 24 miles, SAM & ME walked 50 miles...15 more than the distance from Oard's to the, we have 15 miles in the bank.

Tomorrow SAM & ME will walk East from Oasis for 10 - 15 miles...depending on conditions. There has been a major rock slide about 12 miles out, so that may limit our walk.

By walking in this manner, the Van drives only ONCE for each 2-day's walk, eliminating all the back & forthing previously done. It also cuts in half the need to find a suitable place to stop EVERY night.

It does raise the question...Do we get credit for "Miles" walked, or are we disqualified even tho we are walking extra miles.

OH, WELL...we are not out to set any records. So I will do what I believe is the best/only way to complete the walk with the assets and abilities I possess.

Changes are always raising their head(s), and I will accept what comes our way.

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