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Monday, June 21, 2010

Getting HIGH

Getting HIGH on Oregon's High Desert is what is happening to me the past 36 hours.

What an incredibly beautiful Desert. Was told a herd of 300 elk were approaching my walk along US 20 East from Hampton Station to Riley...they somehow eluded me, but I did see another antelope...with massive horns.

SAM was her usual self. We walked 23 miles two days ago from Hampton Station to the Oregon DOT Gravel Pit. DOT did itself NO favors by spreading sharp gravel over the next 45 miles of once-superb US 20 roadway. The resurfacing caused SAM to remain in her trailer as I walked the 28 miles from the Gravel Pit to Riley and 10 miles beyond. The sharp gravel would have destroyed SAM's tires. Rumble strips cut into the "bike path" lane utterly destroyed the integrity of the roadway for bikes and walkers...what a pity.

Three massive storm cells paced my walk all day, but did not rain a single drop on us. However, upon our arrival in Burns, there was still many "inches" of piled-up HAIL in Thriftway parking lot. Burns got hit hard by those storm cells.

Our 2-day 51 mile walked actually ended at the Rest Stop 14 miles short of Burns. We drove (SAM & Motorcycle in the Trailer) into Burns to spend Father's Day with Daughter Monica & family. Tomorrow (actually today as it is now 4:30 am Monday) Monica will drive me back to the Rest Stop - sans SAM -. I will then walk solo (without SAM) on into Burns so as not to compromise my goal of WALKING every step to Key West.

Randy, the Editor of the Burns Newspaper, has asked for an interview today. Will invite him to accompany me on today's 14 mile effort...think that should give him first-hand experience to write about SAM & ME and what effort is expended to accomplish our walk. Understand Randy is a great sports enthusiast, so, he should also enjoy the experience. We shall see !

Tomorrow I plan to drive to Ontario, Oregon (on the Snake River border with Idaho). Will map out my strategy for walking this 125 mile mountainous stretch.

Am considering again changing our basic walking effort. The use of the Van, Trailer & Motorcycle is becoming real dollars...and in greatly increased demands on ME. Shuttling around vehicles after an 6 - 8 hour walk is becoming a real chore.

I am considering finding a reasonably priced used Motor Home to loan/lease/purchase. Also, I plan to solicit someone with time on their hands to accompany me on my walk. This "someone" would drive the Motor Home each day to that current day objective. SAM & ME would then walk to the Motor Home for the night. This would elimiate the Van and Motorcycle and three trips across the USA.

Anyone know of an available Motor Home...and/or a "someone" wishing to experiece a SLOW drive across the USA, I am listening.

I want to put this scenario into operation by the time I arrive in Boise, Idaho in a couple weeks.

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