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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Walking Across America - Alternative

Upon wakeing after the 15 mile walk WEST out of Brian's two days ago, We knew what SAM & ME must do.

Our next destination ia Vale, Oregon 22 miles away. From there, we turn SOUTH to Adrian. From Vale, there is no more turning back to Bellingham for support. Hauling the motorcycle has become a real burden on the Van (with 239,000 miles on her). $$ have depleated to a point that our monthly Social Security does not support our entourage.

We must face reality that no one is coming to "rescue" our walK.

The motorcycle must go.

My Company, which has NOT supported me since 1995, must be "put to bed".

We must accept that SAM & ME will henceforth, walk alone.

All these things, will be done in the next few days.

SAM & ME will then return to Brian's, taking the Van and Trailer. Having no outside support, We must have the Van/Trailer to provide our own support.

Early EACH morning SAM & ME will walk EAST for 5 - 7 miles; then walk back to the Van. This walk will take 3 - 4 hours (We walk at 4 miles per hour).

We will then eat (charge SAMs batteries), do maintenance, rest and drive the same day to the next parking spot, never more than 10 miles away.

SAM & ME will walk EAST another 5 - 7 miles that afternoon and return to the Van.

We will again eat (charge SAMs batteries), do maintenance, rest, and drive that evening to the next parking spot. We will sleep for the night in the Van, SAM protected in the trailer.

In this way, we will complete controlled/self-supported walks of 20 - 30 miles each day, always moving FORWARD to the EAST.

Till now, We have been depending on friends and family to tide us over between jaunts back to Bellingham. We are most grateful...fully thankful...for their support and help.

We have tried a number of solutions to keep Us moving forward, sometimes at great cost to ourselves and others. We have, however, proved that We are capable of walking...walking with satisfactory (to some) results. We have nothing more to prove on that score.

Now SAM & ME enter territory where support is no longer available.

We believe we have reached an efficient solution which will carry Us to our goal, Key West.

We trust YOU will have faith in SAM & ME, will stay with Us, and welcome others to join Us.

We will keep up daily Blogs, providing VERIZON gives us internet access.

We no longer look for support; if support should come our way, we will gracefully accept.

As for supporting a "cause", We cannot in good faith ask those who are in difficult times themselves, to give to any "cause" where donations are skimmed off the top into the pockets of "overhead" folks. If a "cause" comes forward with proof that ALL donations reach those in need, We will lead the bandwagon.

We will, in the interim, Blog the results of our efforts here in Bellingham to get us back to Brian's and points SOUTH and EAST.

Thankyou for your encouragement and understanding.



Barbara said...

Hi Bruce--
Thinking of you and wishing you a happy, safe birthday!
Barbee, Larry and Sailor, the cat.

Anonymous said...

Did you not have the whole walk planned out in the weeks before the walk? Sounds like this is all taken you off guard, what a pain to backtrack so much.