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Saturday, August 21, 2010










Arrived in Denver after an uneventful flight from Seattle...just the way we like them. Van & SAM weere waiting at the Hampton Inn at the new Denver International Airport. Did not immediately drive the 20 miles or so to Megan & Chris ' home on the East-West Runawy of Stapleton Airport...

Nah, just kidding.

Their home DOES sit on the old Stapleton Airport East-West Airport Runway, as do many other beautiful homes. The entire property of the one-time Stapleton Airport has been transformed into an ultra modern city, complete with broad avenues, extensive parks, unending malls and homes of every description and lifestyle.

There are apartment buildings, townhouses, one-family homes and near-chateau residences, designed to suit every budget and taste.

When I arrived at the Van, it was beginning to storm, wind kicked up and lightning and rain pelted down. So, I opted to NOT drive to Megan's until morning. I slept in the Van in the Hotel parking lot. The Hotel allowed me to use their computers and in the morning, share in a coffee.

Around 8 am, drove the 20 miles or so to Megan's home, a modern 3-level one family pink home, one of many on the previous East-West Runway of Stapleton Airport. The entire neighborhood is served by concrete paved one-way streets , lined with carefully manicured lawns and sidewalks . Lots of joggers on the streets, which are broad enough to allow parking on both sides and still leave ample room for the random traffic passing by.

Megan is still feeling the effects of her recent graduation, where she received her well earned Doctorate PHD. So, we had the whole day to visit. .

Took SAM out of her trailer. She sustained some damage during trailering from Eastern Oregopn, across Idaho and the Wyoming Rocky Mountains, where the intense heat kept her inside her trailer.

I spent a good part of the day working on SAM. With Megan's help, SAM has now received more up-grades and is in tip top condition to return to the walk. Megan took SAM for a short stroll and proclaimed her to be OK.

Drove to a near-by mall where I purchased a new Volt-meter to check SAM's battery charge...somehow, the original(s) simply disappeared. While Megan and I enjoyed a Mexican Restaurant dinner, SAM received a full charge. The new volt-meter confirmed all batteries are full, ready to power SAM's hub motor across the Great Plains.

This morning, will swing by a supermarket for some ice and food. Sometime before noon, will drive North from I-70 on Colorado 79 to PROSPECT VALLEY (intersection of Colorado 79 and Colorado 52)..Our walk will commence from there. The Van will be parked next to "Sod Busters Restaurant", where I had lunch a week ago before flying to Seattle.

I plan to hitch on Colorado 52 back to a few miles West of I-76. Walked 2 weeks ago from US 287 out Colorado 52 towards I-76. We will pick up where I left off and walk back to PROSPECT VALLEY. Then, plan to walk South on Colorado 79 to BENNETT, then East on US 36 to the town of LAST CHANCE. From there, will head South on Colorado 71 t0 LIMON. from Limon, will rejoin our old friend US 287 South and East all the way into the Oklahoma Panhandle. From there, will head East to Oklahoma City area .

Since not walking for over a week, will take it easy far a few days to get back into condition .

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