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Sunday, August 1, 2010


Today, Sunday, August 01, 2010, I did not walk. Instead, I took the advice of Kim Hale, Nurse, Ferndale, Washington, who has given nearly daily Blog comments via Facebook.

At Kim's advice, checked myself into RAWLINS Hospital Emergency Room. They took me right in and performed a cursory examination and a battery of Blood Tests. Some Results are:

Blood Oxygen: 97%. Normal is 90%, and for Rawlins altitude, 97% is super GOOD
Kidney Function is perfect...GOOD
Liver Function is Perfect...GOOD
Blood Salt level is perfect...GOOD (This is a surprise to me...anticipated it to be low.
Thyroid test machine broke...will receive Thyroid results in a few hours.
Still have High Blood Pressure...left-over from 1995 Heart Attack..treating daily, but sometimes cheat.

Bottom Line" Better health than any 75 year 0ld has a right to be.


So, will stay another night in Rawlins to complete the 40 miles from Wamsutter to Rawlins, and the 20 miles from Rawlins to Arlington, Wyoming, where US 30 splits away from I-80.

Plan to walk US 30 from Arlington to Laramie, Wyoming, then take US 287 over an 8,000 foot pass & back down to Ft. Collins, Colorado.

Getting close, Megan...look forward to seeing you

Now, off to hitch a ride 20 miles or so toward Wamsutter, If I catch a ride, will walk back to Rawlins...if not, will walk out & back...which I would rather is up hill to Wamsutter...easier to hitch out and walk back.

We shall see...LATER

OK, it is MUCH later..00:45 am, Monday August o2, 2010, in fact. Had my Wansutter walk..will Blog it separatly.

Received Cell-call from ER, Hospital:

Thyroid test is completed. It is not HIGH. It is not LOW. It is, as they said, PERFECT..

Geeze,,,what have I done to deserve this. I don't like perfection.. leaves no room for improvement.

I am humbled, and as they so often say on FACEBOOK...I would like to share, if I could,

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