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Friday, August 6, 2010




LARAMIE, WYOMING is where US 30 returns to become part of I-80 Interstate.

Laramie is also the last town in Wyoming that I will walk.

Tomorrow, I cross the border into Colorado. The border is 23 miles to the SOUTH. The first Colorado town I reach is Ft. Collins. Then on to Denver, where my Niece, Megan lives. Look forward to spending a day or two with Megan & hubby before walking SOUTH to Colorado Springs, Colorado; then EAST across Kansas to Norman Oklahoma, Vicksburg, Mississippi, Biloxi, Miss., Pensacola, Florida and on to Key West, Florida.

Denver is half-way on my walk.

This morning, I returned to Bosler, Wyoming and walked the 19 miles to Laramie. At noon, I drove SOUTH on US 287 toward Ft, Collins. This afternoon, will walk SOUTH out of Laramie for 10 miles or so, return to my Laramie Motel. In the morning, will check out, drive 10 miles SOUTH on US 287, park the Van (already arranged during noon drive), and walk SOUTH into Colorado.

Ft Collins is 65 miles away over an 8,000 foot pass...With no facilities.

Upon returning from my noon drive, a MONSTER 30-mile front formed with numerous Storm Cells developing looking every bit like tornado funnels. I picked up a walker (he did not hitch-hike), Matt Houston, walking to Laramie, still 5 miles away, from his Grandparents ranch.

Rain began to fall as Matt got into the Van. The next 30 minutes produced a torrential downpour just like yesterday with Ray & I, except lasting many times longer. I let Matt out at a Shell Station, drove to my Motel, and sat for 20 minutes watching hail & rain pound the Van.

When I got out, it still rained. Walking back to my room, I noticed cars on the street sending 20-foot high roostertails of water from in front of the Motel. Could not resist a good movie opportunity...see movie pic attached to this Blog...
Made another attempt to walk SOUTH on US 287 late in the afternoon. Got out of town (Laramie) about 3 miles when up comes ANOTHER monster Storm Front. It was a bit NORTH of town, so I kept going another 30 minutes (= 2 miles), turned around and beat the front back to my motel by a whisker. Today = 29 miles .

Is now 4:30 am. Cleaning out the Ice Chest to make room for new ice from the local Safeway...a bit of new food also, as I will find little if any the next 3 days into Ft, Collins. Should be ready to walk by 6 am. Hope Colorado allows hitch-hiking...will need it climbing the 8,000 foot pass coming up later today...assuming no more Monster Storm Front keeps me inside the Van.

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