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Sunday, August 29, 2010


Extended my Super 8 stay through last night.

Today, Sunday, this ole bod is, have extended my stay a third night.

Have been sometimes accused of crying "WOLF" for a wee oweee here and a wee owee there. So, except to reiterate Subject,

Scalp Itches a-new accompanied by rather large welts.

Lungs are a-float in Sinus drainage.

Entire bod is achy.

So, I have not left bed for 24 hours, except to grab a bite from across the street.

Tomorrow Wal-Mart pharmacy opens. My Bellingham Pharmacist (I phoned them) gave me guidance. May drive the 27 miles back to Eads ER if not better by tomorrow evening.

Disgusting...I don't usually get ill & if I do, am over it in hours...this has been going for a week now.

LAMAR has tremendous winds, Heat and Sand. The one time I went out to eat, standing on the curb waiting traffic to clear. Wind kicked up a large cloud of sand-blast quality sand which completely hid an 18-wheeler only a block away and sent stinging sand grains into me through my clothes.

This is a different World out here on the Great Plains.

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Sydne said...

Hi Bruce - Well that is really worrisome about your scalp and then getting sick too. I wonder if anyone you gave a ride to or talked with was sick and you just didn't know it? I sure hope you can shake this quickly. I hope you are taking vitimins, because it sure doesn't sound like you are eating very wholesome foods. It worries me. I read the books Grapes of Wrath and The Worst Hard Time in the recent past and it is really windy and dusty in the part of the country you are heading into. Maybe you should get some kind of shield for your face that is not too pressing, but at least keeps that dirt out of your lungs?Thinking about you. Sydne