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Saturday, October 16, 2010


Spent my entire day today at my office cleaning up Old stuff.

Clients owe me a few thousand $$. I owe suppliers a couple thousand $$. IRS needs a filing.
Must do some posting of AR and AP transactions of the last 60 days before the IRS thing. My Bank will want a pay-back plan for Company Line of Credit advances...not much $$, but it has to be done. These things I must/will do in the next couple days.

As strange as it seems, it is necessary for me to be Home at this time...I must close out ALL loose ends from my Company closure before returning to my walk.

Received the cold shoulder upon return home.

It has been said in one of my many college classes (I have attended colleges around the world since a teenager, but never received a BS Degree - do have a couple 2-year degrees) that if some one gives you the cold shoulder, just ignore it. But...if more than one gives you the cold shoulder, better take a good internal look.

Time - or past time - for me to take the internal look.

I have received the cold shoulder for about 8 years now. Was a primary reason for my cross USA walk...but not the only one. Now that I am cooling my heels once again at Home, tension is presence is being tolerated, but tolerance appears to be growing a bit thin.

Again, I do not know why the 8-year deaf ear treatment...I have repeatedly asked...I have been repeatedly ignored. Sound familiar???

I think I may know the answer...if I am correct, Revelation could harm others.

My desire is to exit when it comes my time, leaving peace, harmony, and a degree of pride with ALL those left behind.

So, I must keep my mouth shut and endure as long as my presence continues to be tolerated.

So you see, folks...growing old has its challenges. A wrong decision at this late stage - in my life -could be hurtful.

The Van and SAM sit in Denver awaiting my decision. Driving Home I passed many places SAM & ME walked together the first 2 months. During that time, numerous folks stopped us, offered us a hot meal and sometimes a warm bed for the night. Is this thought process leading me somewhere ???

DISCOVERY Channel has twice contacted me. Their interest was not in ME...their interest IS in SAM as a potential subject matter for their programming.

Should I fly to Denver (I have some 400,000 miles on Delta to spend); drive SAM to Fort Supply, Oklahoma; and, return to my original walk agenda...just SAM & ME. Seems daunting to me. To do so, however, relieves the Home Base tension (by my departure) and rekindles the likes of the DISCOVERY Channel.

Perhaps "double walking" was not so least I made progress toward Key West.

Blast it all...I really needed Jodi and I to complete the walk. What a mess it has become.

A New York Times Reporter has also twice contacted me to do a bit on SAM & ME.

Things keep pointing to SAM & ME.

OMG, what a predicament...and I dare not make another flawed decision.

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