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Friday, October 8, 2010


US 412 aka US 64 aka OK 3

Thursday, October 07, 2010.

On this beautiful morning, the sun rose up from the Oklahoma Panhandle so clearly that I took a 8 minute video of THE SUN RISING. I tried for 3 hours to upload the video...and failed. Any suggestions?

We overnighted in the Dairy Queen Parking Lot last night. Before daylight Jodi drove us out US 412 the 7 or so miles I walked last night. Jodi drove on East about 10 miles, where I arrived some three hours later.

Today was a UNEVENTFUL day...just the way I like them.

About 6 pm local (we crossed into CENTRAL DAYLIGHT TIME while still back in Colorado), I arrived at Jodi's final parking spot for the day, about 30 miles from Boise City, OK. It was a private home on a unused Ranch. The grass was neatly trimmed, but surrounded by tall uncut grass and over-stout fences. We agreed to stay the one was home.

An hour later, a Woman drove in...

Hi, I'm Bruce, walking card...we are looking for a place to stop for the night...

No problem...water is over there by the Carport - pointing to the carport a few feet from the need electricity? I'm not staying the night myself, but you are welcome to do so.

Thankyou...we really have all we need, but appreciate your offers.

A few minutes, in pulls another car...a man gets out...So, you are walking across...etc.

Pull yoiur rig over here by the carport - an order, not a request. Reluctantly, Jodi backs up as he professionally directs her. Before we say anything, he has the water hose screwed into SPIA.

You like to have showers? about washing up some dirty clothes?

(This guy was giving orders, not making offers)

Hi, my name is Fred...FINALLY, we meet him. We don't live here. My lady freind just rents the place...I live a couple miles up off US 412...I work for the Pig Slaughter House in GUYMON (pronounced "GUY..." as in "...that Guy..."

...stay in the short grass, please...we have lots of Diamondbacks here...killed 17 so far this year in that grass over there...owner used to raise Buffalo, so built those big know what a Rattlesnake looks like?...only Poison snake around, but we have lots of 'em. They sometimes come up by the house, so watch where you step.

Jodi was all aback (Nautical term meaning...the Ships sails are in confusion), and made herself scarce (meaning she just slipped away somewhere) She is known - she says - for capturing Rattlers by HAND...gonna stay close by her...AND stay out of the tall grass 50 feet away.

I took a shower (water had sand in it from being sucked up with the Well water ) and washed my small bundle of dirty clothes (Could shake out any sand before putting them back on).

The lady drove off. Fred stayed watching NEBRASKA whallop KANSAS STATE on Thursday Night Football, so I sat with him listening mostly about his bad back and learning more about raising, slaughtering and packing pigs than I had any idea existed.

Guymon is one of a half dozen pig processing in the Central South. Guymon Slaughter House alone processes (nice word fot it) 16,000 - yes, sixteen thousand - pigs A DAY. Pig Raising Ranches have a half dozen or so barns each holding 1,000 pigs. Guymon serves 200 outlyng Pig Ranches.

The pigs start in the SOW (lady pig) PENS portion of the barn;

30 days later move to the NURSURY;

at 50 pounds or so, they are moved to the REARING PENS, where food is in endless supply...all the growing pigs have to do all day and night is EAT; water is piped a couple feet above the ground...all piggy must do is reach up, bite the rubber ball, and water gushes into his mouth.

At 250 pounds, piggy is taken out of the Ranch barn - having never seen the light of day - and taken to the Slaughter house. I will NOT discuss the next bit if learning FRED bestowed on me.

My clothes being dry, I removed them from the Dryer. Flashlight in hand, I CAREFULLY found my wat back to the MH, where Jodi was in bed...dinner long ago over - Bad, Bruce, Bad -.

Fred drove off as I climbed into Mom's Attic (U-HAUL name for the space over the cab where I sleep).

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Sydne said...

Hi Bruce - This latest is really interesting to me. I am reading the book The Worst Hard Time, by Timothy Egan. It's all about the era when the area where you are turned into the dust bowl and the depression. All of the same towns are mentioned. Too bad you haven't read it, because all of that would have real historical significance to you. Well, you sound much better. I'm glad you have someone with you now. It was so hard before. Good luck, right on. Sydne