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Sunday, April 1, 2012


We overnighted in St. Mary's, Ohio last night.

Today was a marque day for walking...36 + miles under threatening skies, freezing winds, and 80+ afternoon temperatures...

...all the way into Indiana.

This will be our route across Indiana which we entered this afternoon.

Starting with SR (State Road) 124, we will switch over to US 24 at the town of Peru, directly North of Indianapolis. We will stay on US 24 until reaching the Illinois border, where we switch to US 52.

Interesting set of Silos on SR 33 just outside of St. Mary's. This pic was taken in early twilight.

As the sun lifted out of the east, it could not be seen except at a faint glow through the storm clouds. There was a severe weather front moving in on us from Indianapolis. Luckily, we completed our first 14 miles without rain. The wind was bitter cold. I wore ALL my rain gear, but luckily, it did not rain...just biting penetrating cold wind. The rain gear kept me toasty, except for my face.

Historical Note: This is a windmill water pump. In the pic, the windmill blades have long since disappeared, but one can see the central steel shaft which was spun (rotated) by the wind mill. The central shaft reached another shaft penetrating into the well; with spiral grooves, the turning shaft lifted water out of the well to a faucet (spigot).

In the desert and high Rocky Mountains, I have seen such windmill water pumps made out of wood.

Interesting way Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) installs the ends of guard rails...never have seen such an installation before.

Detail of the Guard Rail connection.

During our second walk today - of 12 miles BACK toward St. Marys from the town of Willshire, Ohio, the weather front passed to the south of us, leaving us walking in perfect wind...and rising temperature - from a low of 41 F. to above 80 F. in a distance of 25 miles and within one hour as the weather front slid past us to the south east.

I show three photographs of small streams. All three are located a few miles south of Willshire; and, all three give off overpowering nauseating odors of cow barn aromas.

I have never experienced such an event before. One stream flowed faster than the other two, resulting only slight odor. The faster flowing stream had small "rapids" just above the bridge I was standing on. I believe the rapids "aerated" the water, partially cleansing it., thus reducing the odor.

Editorial Note: A young couple from Los Angeles purchased a small island near Vancouver, B.C. with the intent to create a fishing camp. They found the local water to be heavily tainted with IRON...both in color, odor, and taste. To treat their water, they devised a system to "spray" the tainted water into the air...repeatedly...until the aeration cleansed their water to near pristine.

The odor of this stream was though it flowed directly out of the cow barn.

...and, this stream also.

On the plus side, a couple miles closer to Willshire, this field gave off the most pleasing sensation of taste...yes, taste, not smell. Breathing deeply, the inside of my mouth sensed the musky sweet scent, reminding me of sweet mustard.

Do not know the plant.

On the outskirts of Willshire, this 1800 vintage cemetery was in near total ruin. Most of the stones have been knocked down...many torn from the mountings and broken. It is a rather large cemetery, in two adjacent fields.

Asking a local Convenience Store clerk what has happened, I received the reply...oh, that is just an old cemetery. The new one nearby is really nice.

...OH, I replied, as I thanked her for allowing SPIA to park for the past 4 hours.

The nearby "new" cemetery.

Click click to read the small print...nice !

Looking from Ohio into Indiana.

Indiana greeting...while,

...across the highway looking back into Ohio...

Was VERY pleased to find this sign 1/2 mile further west into Indiana.

First stream found in Indiana...all OK !

As this Amish carriage approached, I lifted my camera to take this photograph.

I was horrified to see the horse spook (shy) away and stumble near the yellow line.

The driver said something to me- too fast for me to understand -, but loud enough to understand that he was not pleased at my action.

As he drove down SR 124 east toward Willshire, Ohio, I shot another !

1-1/2 hours later, as I returned from my third walk of the day, this same carriage passed me going west. I left my camera in my pocket, moved fully away from the road, and nodded as he drove by...grim face and all.

Going east, only his lady and a small child were in the carriage...returning, there were six more young-uns sitting in the back.

As they went by, I sneaked a small wave to the ones in back...and received waves the driver turned and said something...which I again could not understand.

I'm not certain, but I believe I must have violated some social etiquette.

I apologize.

Corn seems to be the crop of choice in this part of the world.

As I started my third walk of the day, the sky was bright sunshine...not a cloud in the sky.

Within one hour, the above angry clouds came down out of Lake Michigan area, covering horizon to horizon...the wind picked up, and I prepared for a downpour.

In the next half hour, the sky opened up, letting Ole' Sol peek through as the black clouds dissipated .

SPIA is parking for the night at this ultra-busy Ice Cream business, sitting on the border of Ohio and Indiana. There is ample parking for cars and 18-wheelers, with a constant flow.

These folks have figured it out.

Since I have already walked another 10 miles into Indiana this evening, will move SPIA in the morning to the QUABACHE STATE PARK on SR 124, where we will (hopefully) park while I walk west across Indiana.

Today I walked 9 hours. I walked quickly - over 4 mph.

Crossing Indiana and Illinois, I will strive for 10-hour walking days and 40 miles per day.

An unpleasant phone call I received today, encouraged me to reach DeKalb, Illinois before my wee Sister, Millie, arrives there on April 20.

I must rush !
A close-up of our intended route on SR 124 crossing Indiana.

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Trayne1837 said...

Oh, now you were in familar territory. I learned to love Mercer Co, Ohio.. home of Grand Lake.. and St. Marys on one side and Celina on the other.
The first "stream " pictured is not really a stream but a remnant of the old Miami Erie Canal You can tell by the way the sides are carved upward like a box.
The guard rails are down that way so if a car hits the end at a high speed , the car runs up and over or on to the guard rail and does not impale the car or the driver with a blunt end... or tear up the rail as bad. This was adopted about 20 yrs ago by the state.
Amish do not like to have their pictures taken.. it is their belief that the camera steals their souls. VERY not try and take their picture with them seeing you do it.