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Monday, April 9, 2012


Welcome to Leland, Illinois...a small farming village on on a Level III County Roadway about 22 miles South of De Kalb, Illinois.

SPIA is parked in Leland, next to some big trees in the town park. The wind is blowing stink and increasing in strength. Estimate 40 mph steady with stronger gusts, giving SPIA a thorough bouncing around on her worn-out springs and shocks.

In addition, VERIZON signal is nearly non-existent, not allowing uploading of images...except the few you see below.

Main Street, Leland, Illinois.

Leland residential district...some very nice homes...all well kept.

This morning, walked from Ottawa WAL-MART North on Highway 23 for 16 miles. My left leg gave me NO trouble this morning...overnight rest was enough to get it back into working condition.

After returning to SPIA, drove to Leland, parked, and walked BACK toward Ottawa for seven miles. The wind was so strong, I had to hold my nose nostril closed; took a side unpaved side road, which was a mistake. Took me out of my way by a couple miles and I had to fight directly into the teeth of the strong gale force winds to get back to Leland.

VERIZON signal is coming and going...probably from the strong winds, but perhaps also because we are quite close to Chicago - about 40 miles or so due West -, which may be overloading the system.

In any event, I cannot now post the remaining images.

Tomorrow, will attempt to walk the remaining 25 miles into De Kalb. In any event, will arrive at Carol's in late afternoon, where a parking spot is being arranged for SPIA for the next couple days.

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