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Thursday, April 19, 2012


Becoming quite fond of my "light behind shadow" photographs, such as this pic. taken last evening. This was the view from SPIA as Ole' Sol set in the Western Skies of Postville, Iowa.

I wish to note that some folks are forwarding/sharing my photographs from this blog. It is my extreme pleasure that my photos are sometimes found to be only request is that when sharing my photos, credit is given to SAM & ME.

The two-plus year saga of SAM & ME has been made possible through the exclusive efforts of myself. I have no sponsorship. I have no one supporting my walk. I receive no donations. I support no cause. I am out here sharing America at four miles per hour in the hope that this old man's efforts might be an inspiration to others.

Angry clouds were gathering as I walked away from SPIA, heading north on US 52 toward the village of Decorah, Iowa, some 27 miles distant.

Our first walk covered 18 miles...9 miles out and 9 miles back to SPIA.

Early on our return portion, the skies opened, sharing their bountiful tears with everything included. Fortunately, I was wearing my full rain gear, except for proper shoes. I, in retrospect, should have purchased those waterproof shipskin-lined boots from Maryann.

Historical messages found on America's Highways and Byways are for the most part, quite interesting and informative.

This is the "homestead" of Hamilton Campbell...see Historical Notice above.

It rained heavy from 9:00 am through the rest of the day. The wind started out blowing from the Southeast. As the day progressed, the wind backed through the compass, finally holding steady as dusk fell, to blowing 25 - 35 mph out of the Northwest...cold, bitter, penetrating...driving the steady rain into any opening of my rain gear. My shoes/socks, upon return to SPIA, were a soaking mass; the rest of me was/is just fine, thank you very much.

Being from the Pacific Northwest, I find rain to be comfy and pleasant. Could do without the wind.

Walked to and 3 miles beyond the village of Castalia, Iowa.

There was not a single business open in Castalia.

Castalia, Iowa.

Returning through Castalia, a train ran through it. The train engineer's crossing whistles were quite "improper"...not the proper sequence...not the proper duration...first time I ever witnessed such a unbusinesslike approach to such a serious occupation.

Because of the incessant wind and pounding rain, photography was limited. We did get good reception from this group of young ladies-in-waiting from a local dairy.

Dairy cows must have a thing for me...they always run to me, crowding and pushing to get up front for a better view; of course, I always stop to chat with them, which they love.

SPIA and me drove to the village of Decorah, Iowa in the afternoon rainstorm. Arriving, we were accepted by "Cover The World" folks at SHERMAN WILLIAMS, to park overnight. Took the opportunity to walk BACK 2.5 hours (up some serious hills) toward Castalia and Calmar, Iowa, before returning to SPIA. It rained and blew stink the entire time and I am for the second time today, with soaked feet. Rain even found its way inside my rain gear, dribbling down my tummy and legs into my shoes.

Before reaching really cold and wet North Dakota and Montana, must devise a more secure rain water prevention system.

Tomorrow morning, it is again north on US 52 toward Harmony, Minnesota, some 24 miles away. Should cross into Minnesota about noon.

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