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Monday, April 2, 2012


What a crazy day ! Even the mailbox reflected light even with a full overcast.

1/2 hour before daylight, drove SPIA from Willshire, Ohio 19 miles west on Indiana SR 124 to the town of Bluffton, where we found a nice spot for SPIA in the trucking yard of an oil delivery company.

Since we walked 12 miles yesterday evening into Indiana, we had only 7 miles to walk to reach Bluffton...however, I walked a full 12 miles anyway.

The wind was blowing hard out of the East, so walking into the wind was very difficult as it was also quite cold. I always try to walk back to SPIA with the wind at my back...hate to have to fight my way back against the wind.

Decided to drive another 12 miles from Bluffton to Plum Tree (yes, a village), where we again parked. I walked into the wind BACK toward Bluffton and returned to SPIA with the wind at my back.

24 miles completed so far;

Looks like winter wheat. A big change from the normal corn fields.

Please say HELLO to Tab Liechty.

Tab says he drove by noticing the writing on my safety vest and just had to turn around to see what I was all about. Seems Tab was taking a day off from his paint contracting business to go out to shoot some photographs.

I told Tab I knew someone from Switzerland named Liechty...and this afternoon, it came to me: My Swiss freight forwarder from the firm PANALPINA in Basel, Switzerland, is named Liechty.

Historic Note: During the heyday (early 1980s) of my Company exporting out of Europe, Mr. Liechty received and consolidated freight from my factories in Amsterdam, Paris, Lyon, and a number of cities and villages in Switzerland. Mr. Liechty arranged for my company to have a weekly first claim to ten cubic feet space on board the SWISSAIR Passenger 747 out of Zurich and/or Geneva each Wednesday. I personally knew and visited all my European contacts, including Mr. Liechty.

Tab has a photogenic face...I'm a sucker for close-ups.

Photograph brings to mind General ROMMEL, the Desert Fox...

Better without the hat?

Could this be another bit of remains from a canal?

After walking Plum Tree, we drove to the tiny village of Mt. Etna, where we parked SPIA while I walked another 10 miles BACK into the wind, being pushed home (to SPIA) again.

I tried to find parking for overnight, but was refused...apparently much mischief going on in the area and all overnight parking has been curtailed.

Out of desperation, drove 24 miles to the town of Peru - directly north of Indianapolis -, where we have found parking next door to the above drive in - who makes killer shakes -.

The Peru end of SR 124.

In the morning, I will walk BACK on the above street which meanders through farming country toward Mt. Etna. It will require six hours of walking to cover the 24 miles, which will bring us to Peru.

After returning from the 6-hour marathon, plan to walk West on US 24 toward the Illinois border. Hope to complete at least 10 miles west before returning to SPIA.

We will stay one more night in Peru before continuing West on US 24 day after tomorrow.

One block from where SPIA is parked, flows the WABASH River.

Lousy photograph with the Sun reflecting off the water...careless of me !

Main Street, Peru, Indiana.

Bank Building.

Court House.

Tickled my funny bone: Moose Lodge next door to B.P.O.E. (Elks)

Try as I might, the fight against the strong wind held my progress back.

Tomorrow will be a grueling walk 6 hours without rest...

We shall see

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