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Saturday, April 21, 2012


Cold, Raining, Shoes worn out, and not much else is happening.

Most interest in my walk to date:

Bruce is using garters to hold rain gear together. Well, I am glad I saved the packaging for my "garters". Please examine the "mitten clip" closely...does it or does it not look suspiciously like a garter - OK, garters have a wee nipple and hook instead of a clip, but they serve the same for pantie for kittens to NOT lose mittens.

At least, I have discovered what it takes to garner interest in my blog.

Where SPIA spent the night and waited for me to complete 16 miles (4 + hours) in this morning cold and threatening skies.

Two days ago, got my shoes thoroughly soaked. They have now dried out, but they have also come apart - the sole from the upper at the toe box bend point. The first pair of shoes to be worn out. I will save the shoe strings in case I want to hang myself some cold dark scary night.

I do believe I just may be getting too old for this game.

So far, Minnesota has provided nice berms for walking. Actually, these berms are for the Amish Horse and Carriages. The wheel tracks can be seen in the image above. Today, passed by another half dozen Amish on the securely out of sight in my pocket.

Biggest problem walking down here is avoidance of the considerable horse by-product...Poop.

Iowa took us through considerable rolling hills. Minnesota has been rising - up hill - from Iowa without all the, we have reached a "summit" of sorts giving us a scenic view of the land we will be walking the next couple days. The smoke in the distant right side is from the town of Preston, which we drove through on our way to the village of Chatfield, Minnesota, about 27 miles north of Harmony, Minnesota.

SPIA has been accepted to park overnight in the lot of the local Chatfield supermarket.

Arriving in Chatfield, I walked BACK south on US 52 for 12 miles, regaining the miles driven to Chatfield.

Upon returning to SPIA, I was surprisingly very tired and listless; so, I made up my bed and take a 2-hour nap. Did the job...feel much better now. Could this be old age creeping up on me?

This half of the Amish Horse and Carriage is OK to photograph. Thought someone might be interested in the harness arrangement. As usual, horsey and me became instant snorting and mouthing something I could not understand...and me saying what a beautiful horsey it was.

A private drive from US 52 to the unseen ranch house.

This is Root Rover. Met two young boys (10 or so) carrying fishing poles and pushing bikes up steep US far to Chatfield...THREE MILES !!!...NO, we didn't catch anything.

They were not happy campers.

US 52 passing downtown Chatfield.

From the worn-out boots gifted me by Mary, friend of Barbara and Tim (thank you, Mary), I have today fashioned "water flaps" blocking rain water from entering the lacings of my walking shoes. From the boot tops, cut the leather to fit...then using adhesive Velcro, attached the flaps to my shoes. Idea is to make my Brooks Walkers somewhat impervious to rain...since I did not purchase Maryann's waterproof sheepskin boots.

We shall see.

This evening I am damp, cold, somewhat miserable, and like the two fishing boys, not a happy camper. I will, however, carry on with our mission.

In the morning, will walk north on US 52 toward the town of Rochester, Minnesota - a rather large town. At that point, I must decide if I continue into the large city of Minneapolis or take a route around the city. The route through Minneapolis is shorter and will provide us AT&T and VERIZON service, but is 4-lane for many miles...more boring and not so interesting.

We shall see...

Any comments on routing would be welcome.

For those wondering why no phone calls, AT&T has NO service in this part of the world.

I fear crossing North Dakota, Montana, Idaho, and Washington on US 2 will also be without AT&T phone service. Am considering going back to VERIZON...they screwed me over, but if I want phone service, I may have to swallow my pride and capitulate.

Now to post this update, slip into the feathers and try to warm up.

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