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Saturday, June 1, 2013

POST 1126; MAY 31. 2013; ST. MARYS, OHIO

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As we near the Indiana State border, OHIO is promissing a rousing sendoff...RAIN...RAIN...RAIN...the same weather fronts hammering Oklahoma, but we are a bit North of the real danger zone...just going to be plenty wet !

PIQUA, we finally reached a bit before darkness set in.  We checked into the LA QUINTA Motel, where we received maximum discount..."for contribution you are making...".  Even so, $70.00 is beyond our budget...but then, we will soon be crossing vast open distances where facilities will be few and far between.  For now, anyone having a hanker'n to use the above "DONATION" button, now would be a good time.

LA QUINTA is on the extreme Eastern edge of PIQUA.  By the time we got packed up and on our way, it was 10:00 am before we left behind the actual city...

We have something like 35 or so miles to walk to the city of ST. MARYS, our newly chosen destination for today...and with heavy rain promised, we have little time remaining to walk that far before dark. 

SAM and ME must put it in HIGH GEAR if we expect to avoid walking these narrow heavily travelled roadways at night.  SAM does have headlight and tail light, but every passing 18-wheeler will subject us to another pass through the CAR WASH.

Route 66 as it leaves the Northern residential district of PIQUA, Ohio.

As we were in a rush, we bypassed downtown PIQUA...this is a look back into the old downtown district looking back South from Route 66.

City Park as Route 66 leaves PIQUA behind.

Click image to enlarge for easier reading.

SAM and ME are about to enter into the open countryside...evidence by the line of quickly deterioriating mobile homes along side Route 66...NOT the famous US 66...rather, local Ohio State Road 66.

A "WEED" surviving along side the macadam (asphalt) of Route 66.  Even weeds can be beautiful.

Rather extensive PIQUA Water Works...a small DAM blocks a rather insignificant stream flowing next to the above building.

Water Works DAM and meagre water outflow.

After walking one hour (4 miles) to cross town, we are finally passing the first of many small farms and ranches.

Storm front clouds are rising up to the SouthWest...promise of getting SAM and ME pounded by some heavy rain in the next couple hours.

Entrance to a particularly beautiful ranch home.

Sky is now filled with towering rain clouds...will not be long now ...

Shallow slow moving waterway.

Please say HELLO to SHELBY. in the car, I ask...oh, everyone says that, replies the comely young lady making an attempt to lure SAM and ME in for a quick beer.

Another hour North on Route 66, I discover the name of the local County is: SHELBY

Makes one wonder about the car...OK, forget the car...wonder about SHELBY.

These horses were for some reason, a bit timid of SAM and ME.

Original plan was to walk only as far as FT. LORAMIE.  With the imminent downpour and NO motel available, SAM and ME opted to continue on to the sity of ST MARYS, some 14 miles further on...making our trek for today about 35 miles...and, with our late start (10:00 am), we would not reach ST MARYS before dark.


A few miles up the road appears the DANNON (Yogurt) the Southern outskirts of the small city MINSTER...where the rain clouds finally open up on SAM and ME.

SAM turned on her head and tail lights, too.  Passing vehicles gave us as complete a douche as if we were walking through a car wash.

This easy-on-the-eyes farm house - complete with front yard lake - is for sale.

As SAM and ME walked out of MINSTER, we were still 14 miles South of our destination, ST MARYS.  It was raining pitchforks...I was soaking wet - as my PONCHO ripped early on...and even though very tired, I began pushing SAM with a vengence...taking extra long strides...taking extra fast strides...ignoring the passing cars and trucks.

Just before arriving at ST MARYS, the rain PONCHO was destroyed...and the Sun was already low behind the trees lining the streets of ST MARYS.  Stopping at the first Convenience Store, was told the nearest Motel was on the other (North) side of town...nearly 2 miles (1/2 hour) away. 

SAM and ME had arrived in ST MARYS in record time...nearly 5 miles per hour...but  reaching the motel wouild require us to talk through town in the dark.

We had not stopped for food (lunch), but the kind ladies at LA QUINTA packed us a small lunch upon leaving PIQUA, so after putting SAM to bed, I attacked this blog instead of heading out to eat. 

Got the blog photographs sorted out and entered into GOOGLEs blog format, but my mind would not work to complete the narrative at the late hour...nearly 11:30 pm.

so, Please say HELLO to KALEY, Receptionist of the QUALITY INN & SUITES, who also offered us a discount...for our bravery and dogmatic effort(s).  Kaley even offered to show us to our Room 118, but I assured her I could find it.

It is now 7:15 am, June 01, 2013. 

Continental Breakfast started at 7:00, and yes, I am hungry...and still quite tired...even though the new bed - pillow-top - is one of the most comfy ever.

It has been raining a torrent for the last two hours...has let up for the moment.

SAM and ME are shooting for the border (with the State of INDIANA), some 25 miles distant...with absolute promise of two more days of storms and rain. 

I stopped in at the local TRUE VALUE Hardware Store, where I purchased a new PONCHO...

We shall see.......

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