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Sunday, June 16, 2013


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Yesterday, I took the entire day off...most of it sleeping and relaxing in front of Rita's TV...something I have not done in many years.

Checked in at the Pharmacy regarding the foot blisters;  advice:  healing will take time...must be kept DRY...GOLD BOND POWDER recommended.  Am already chaffing at the bit to be on the road, but this wee event looks to consume at least one week of healing.

Today, walked the two (2) miles from Rita's home to Carol's Nursing Home, where I spent the entire day...taking lunch and dinner in the dining room.  Returning "home" to Rita's, I have not done the blisters any favors...even though all three (blisters) were covered with large bandage pads over-covered with "athletic tape".  No further damage has been done, but the next couple days will require NO walking.

Sad, to walk thousands of miles to visit Carol, only to be injured 10 miles from her.  The pharmacist said my analysis of the injury was correct:

The very high humidity of the past three days caused my feet to become sodden with sweat, allowing my feet to "slide" within my socks, causing chaffing resulting in the blisters.

To avoid further blistering, my feet MUST be kept DRY...and bandage coverings must be held firmly in place to prevent further / new chaffing.

Heading West across North Dakota and Montana will see DECREASED will also be exceedingly HOT.

Sister Carol pointed out that my (only) pair of walking pants have already developed two tiny holes in the, today, I picked up a new pair of trousers ($8.00) at the DOLLAR GENERAL.  Also picked up 30 or so large bandages and two rolls of "athletic tape".  Am somewhat concerned for the athletic tape as today, it caused a bit of irritation of my foot skin. 

May have to pre-wrap the foot in gauze before applying the tape to hold the bandage(s) in place. 

A bit of testing is in order to get it correct.

Was planning to spend tomorrow with Carol, but may stay put at Rita's to allow a full 24 hours of healing

We shall see.

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Anonymous said...

How is sister Carol? Who is Rita?