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Saturday, June 8, 2013


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Yes, I enjoyed a full 7 hours sleep...waking to a new day, looking forward to walking with SAM into the new State of Illinois.  Instead, I was welcomed by the very first sullen diffident - apparently angry - person encountered in over three years' walking.

...wished her a good day anyway, as I walked away...not a look...not a word offered in return...

...and so it first lost soul

The next thing I came upon was this field of new life...and I felt much better.

Discovered I did not actually spend the night in REMINGTON, Indiana...Remington was three miles distant from the I-65 SUPER 8 Motel.

As I walked into the IGA Supermarket for a couple bananas and a 32 ounce bottle of a Power Drink, the manager, manning the cash register, welcomed me back he instantly recognized me from my visit one year ago...

and I felt better still.

The Water very important to the many small communities dotting the MidWest Plains

The above Easter Basket and Chicken have been visiting us in dozens of home's lawns since crossing the Ohio River so many miles ago.  Today, discovered at least one place where these CEMENT yard decorations are manufactured and offered for sale.

...GOODLAND...the perfect name for the small village surrounded by fertile soils laid down millions of years a time when the lands upon which SAM and ME are walking and rolling were shaped as we see them today.

Nearly...but not quite totally FLAT, considered myself fortunate to come across the above WATERFALL....water falling from one drainage ditch bordering an unending reach of infant Soy Beans...only days from sprouting into daylight...falling into a larger drainage ditch...big enough to be considered a creek...or even a stream.

...the larger ditch, over which runs a seldom used Rail Road Track.

...but every - rare - once in a while, the tracks do carry a train from the distant horizon...on towards the other distant horizon... I was lucky enough to share that moment by the above passing train.

KENTLAND, Indiana...our destination of yesterday...which we failed to reach.

The KENTLAND ELEVATOR (a place for receiving, storing, selling, and shipping the seeds grown by the many farms surrounding Kentland).

...and the enevitable - and so very necessary - reservoir of water...built high into the sky to develop pressure by the water falling through the huge pipes leading from the overhead steel tank to be distributed to the homes and businesses waiting thirstly below.

Finally, we have a close-up of the massive machine pulled behind the farmer's tractor...the machine which plants the seeds that grow into the green  covering the land.

Across US 24 from the tiny town of EFFNER, Indiana, stands the remains of an ancient Railroad Station.  A similar station we will pass by shortly, was pictured in indication the age of EFFNER's Station.

...and a mile beyond EFFNER, SAM and ME arrive at the border of our new State of Illinois.  How well I remember walking one year ago past this spot...buzzing with growling 18-wheelers lined up to "weigh in" at the Illinois Truck Weigh Station...

...this year. only SILENCE...the Weigh Station is closed !

A day or two ago, we photographed the Cousin to the above machine as it roared down US 24.  Now, we get to witness the machine in full action...spray spewing from the long reach of the outspread arms...feeding and protecting the newly sprouted growth in the un-ending fields of corn and soy beans.

Trying to make a good impression, I suppose, the State of Illinois has built a four-lane divided highway for the first two miles from the Indiana State Line...but it reaches only two miles to the intersection taking vehicles into the small village of SHELDON, Illinois.

SAM and ME do not enter SHELDON, Illinois...we instead, stay on US 24...once again a narrow 2-lane roadway with itsy bitsy berm.

Our destination for today is the much larger town of WATSEKA, Illinois.

The city itself is as beautiful as the above Welcome Sign.

SAM and ME attempt to check into the WATSEKA MOTEL...a small locally owned motel, where rooms let for $40.00.  The manager - recent immigrant from INDIA, had a most difficult time...leading to my eventual decision to move on to the modern SUPER 8 MOTEL waiting on the Western end of town.

SUPER 8 was also in a bit of an it is torn apart at the moment, in the midst of a massive renovation...but, still in operation.  For $50.00, SAM and ME have taken a room for the night.

We arrived at 4:30 pm (pleased to discover we had entered the Central Time Zone upon entering the State of Illinois).  Instead of heading out for a bite, I went immediately to work on this blog 5:00 pm.  It is now 10:00 pm.  I have been at the computer a full 5 hours...and not quite yet complete. it any wonder I am worn out.  We began walking this morning at 7:00 am EDT (6:00 CDT:  Central Daylight Time), walking the 37 miles in 10.5 hours...then immediately another 5 hours at the computer.

Yes, I am hungry, a bit sore, and in need of a shower.

At least, though, our blog update is now nearly complete...I have met the expected performance of all you readers out there.  I do hope you enjoy !

...and now, to post to Google and Facebook...then off to listen to the pillows.  The shower must wait for tomorrow morning - which comes one hour earlier !

Tomorrow, SAM and ME will continue West on US 24, heading for the village of WESTON, Illinois, where we will hang a right on SR 23, making our way North to DE KALB some 120 miles distant.

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