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Thursday, June 6, 2013


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Once again, this blog is late...i.e., it has been so late at night when time becomes available to crank up the computer, my ole' bod is in need of a break...walking 8 - 10 hours...then visiting along the way for another 1 - 2 hours (which is, for me, the most important part of our walk), leaves little cognative hours (hours when the brain can put together a rational story line for the day) to spend creating today's, Heck!  let's just do it tomorrow...but, tomorrow is becoming fuller too.

I have given much thought to cutting back on distances walked...problem is to find a suitable place to spend the night...walking at 4 miles per hour limits the places available to bed down for the night.  True, more and more folks along the way are inviting SAM and ME to overnight...very much appreciated...also increases the time spent in "social" time. 

Quite seriously, I am becoming a bit overwhelmed.  I want to visit with everyone.  I also want to do a good logistical program...finding a place to sleep and eat...or just to go potty...not so easy while walking.

One might also suggest that being 80 (or so) years old puts a crimp on "performance".  I, of course, refuse to accept that age has much to do with it. 

Last night, SAM and ME spent the night in SUPER 8 MOTEL in the city of LOGANSPORT, Indiana.  Checkout time is 11:00 am.  It is now 7:15 am.  Having tried - and failed - to complete the blog update of two days ago, I am now pushing to complete it in the next hour...will than tackle "yesterday's" walk...trying to complete it before 11:00 am check out.

That, of course, means only afternoon daylight for walking today to our next "logistical" destination:  MONTICELLO, some 20 miles distant...a 5-hour walk.  That should work out OK for today  Toimorrow, the logistical destination is: KENTLAND
, Indiana,  distance of 38 miles...a 10-hour walk.

...and so it goes. 

But, no one comes to this blog to hear about my unimportant, let's get on with the fun stuff:

Please say HELLO to CHAD and BRAD...two young gentlemen who engaged SAM and ME in conversation - they are building contractors...primarily in "remodeling" - as SAM and ME checked out of our hotel.  Interesting side note:  my hotel preference has been COMFORT IN...a national chain where I have certain discounts.  Alas, the COMFORT INN in Warren, Indiana is shuttered and closed by the Sheriff...CLOSED BY FORECLOSURE !  says the big sign on the front door. 

SR (State Road) 124.

This is the first Oil Rig we have seen as we head West.  Such rigs will soon be as numerous as some forrests...I have learned that the good ole' USofA has now declared Oil and Gas Reserves (mostly Government owned / controlled) perhaps is larger than known reserves in all other nations COMBINED.  One would think gas prices should go down - i.e., SUPPLY and DEMAND - so why, one might ask, has the price of gasoline "at the pump" in LOGANSPORT, Indiana increased IN THE LAST 7 days from $3.75 per gallon to $4.29 per gallon...the price I see advertised on the gas station read-a-board as I look out my room window.,,and with Oil Companies declaring massive profits...leaping half the way to MARS.

...and only a few miles away the above river rolls lazily along...oblivious to the rest of the world.

...and, of course, the most magnificant costliest edifices lining SR 124 are church buildings such as the one above...buildings essentially used a few hours on Sunday...and even fewer hours on Wednesdays.

...all of course, tax free !

This makes the second time I have been to Mount Etna...this one in Central Indiana...the other on the Italian Island of Sicilly (sp?).

Interesting Art...many times repaired SR 124 passing before the above modern ranch house propertiy.

This looks like W O R K...and, I can personally is lots of work.

Please say HELLO to ALLEN.  Allen and his "brother" fulfilling the contract with Allen's install a new split-rail cedar fence on the family ranch fronting SR 124.

Please say HELLO to TIM...Alan's father.  Tim, in addition to farming the 250 or so acres of the family ranch, works nightly at the nearby automobile factory creating "castings" for engine and transmissions.

Please say HELLO to (again) TIM and (wife) PENNY.  Penny has her hands full holding down the home front day out...a herculean task at best of times for any housewife in America;  Upon my departure, Penny gifted me a high-tech freezer-bag filled with delicious sandwiches...for the road ahead.

That white stuff around my mouth is ZINC OXIDE...used to medicate the split lips I received from 50 - 60 mph winds encountered a few days in the State of OHIO.  Because of my profuse sweating while walking, the lips are refusing to heal properly...and I remember the old days when Zinc Oxide was the ultimate treatment for Baby's Bare Butt, I have taken up using Zinc Oxide for protecting lips from severe sun-burn (while yachting on blistering hot Summer days), and to help heal split lips.

Please say HELLO to DONNA.  Donna is the Grand Dame of the family 80 years old, Donna overseas everything...including Grandson Allen's behind-the-barn antics. 

A great "hugger" is Donna, who spent much of the warm Indiana evening chatting with me before the crackling bon-fire...dry cedar wood salvaged from the Old Fence Allen is replacing.

Instead of giving me a ride into town - 5 miles distant to the city of PERU - for the night, Tim invited me to stay for dinner...then announced that my "room" was made up anytime I was ready to take a few minutes out (from chatting) to enjoy a hot shower before gathering around the evening bon-fire to enjoy Penny's help-yourself picnic like dinner.

One of the most pleasurable evenings I have spent...good food...beautiful ranch...warm new friends

This is the reward of one who walks America...

Indiana rival any that I enjoyed in KENYA, Africa !

In the morning, SAM and ME set off around 8:00 am, Penny's goodies safely packed inside SAM...

Grandma Donna hailed SAM and ME as we walked past the "old family house" up the road a piece...more hugs...invite in for coffee and ??? ...which I Donna had phoned arrangements for me to meet with the local Newspaper...

...but, am getting ahead of myself...

is now 8:20 am, sitting at my computer in the SUPER 8 in the city of LOGANSPORT, Indiana...must continue computer work for another couple hours in order to get the happenings (which are somewhat astounding !) of yesterday posted to GOOGLE and FACEBOOK...then set off on the 20 mile (5-hour) walk to the city of MONTICELLO, Indiana, where I hope to catch up on our blogging...and sleep !

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