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Friday, June 7, 2013


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Another Post incorporating two days' walking...from the home of Allen's Fence some five miles East of PERU, the city of MONTICELLO, Indiana, some 50 miles in all.  In between, SAM and ME checked in to the SUPER 8 Motel in LOGANSPORT, Indiana...with the intention to stay a second night.  At the last moment - when Julie was scheduled to wake me from a morning nap (I am exceedingly tired...and having difficuilty catching up), I again packed up SAM and in the afternoon, we walked and rolled to the city of MONTICELLO, Indiana, some 26 miles distant...arriving at 7:30 pm...allowing NO time for blog update...instead, checked into BEST WESTERN MOTEL ($102.00/night), walked to MC DONALDS for a bite, hand washed my filthy smelly sweat soaked clothes, and at 10:30 slipped into the feathers.

It is now 6:00 am.  Been at the computer since 4:00 am, just finished posting some 50 photographs.  Taking out a few minutes to enjoy the BEST WESTERN Continental Breakfast...then back to this computer to complete the narrative and post it to GOOGLE and FACEBOOK.

Then, again pack up SAM...check out of the hotel...and begin our 38 mile walk to the next city:  KENTLAND, Indiana...situated about 10 miles from the State of ILLINOIS border.  Am concerned that I have enough energy to do 38 miles today...and do NOT look forward to setting up our tent for the night somewhere along the way.

We shall see:  Now, for a bite of b'fast.

Ranch Home of Tim, Penny, and Allen, where SAM and ME enjoyed our overnight stay two days ago.

The new cedar split rail fence installed by Allen and his friend.

Intelligent herd of bovine...seeking shelter from the rising sun.

Mystery Posts:  The above stone posts, complete with hinges and locking mechanisms for swinging gates, are to be found along SR 24 and 124 all across Indiana.  It appears to be a "signature" installation for a wide ranging property empire of long ago days.

Will try to find out the background before leaving Indiana tomorrow (when SAM and ME walk and roll into the State of ILLINOIS).

The Historical Information posts are becoming fewer as we make our way West.

...and the homes are becoming a bit less exotic as we head West.

The WABASH River.

Ranch Silos, however, appear to be a bit larger and more of them as we head West.

PERU, Indiana...SR 124 entering downtown...looking from the Wabash River Bridge.

The Old Railway Station   (...the WABASH Canon Ball ??)

Please say HELLO to GATLAN...a real honest to goodness SODA JERK right out of the 1930s and 1940s.  I ordered a milkshake, which Gatlan made up for me using real Chocolate Ice Cream, real cow milk, beat like crazy in a metal container using the counter-mounted long-armed mixing disc.   Tasted great !

Please say HELLO to CHAD...Reporter for the PERU TRIBUNE.  By asking GOOGLE, we shouild be able to read Chad's report of the 1.5 hour long interview we had in Chae's Peru offices.

PERU Church.

Line of cars...lined up for gasoline...from a station that still had $3.89 per gallon.  The gas stations down the street had raised prices to $4.29 per gallon...the normal price in all gas stations as SAM and ME walked and rolled into MONTICELLO, Indiana.

SR 24...SR 124 terminated, being replaced by the newer SR 24.

More of my admirers...jostling for position to receive my caress of their nose and head.

As SAM and ME approached, this entire herd RAN to the barbed wire fence...waiting as I walked across the road to chat and pet them.  They bellowed as I finally walked away...truly sad, they seemed, to lose my attention.

Local one time, a truck driver out of Seattle...then by way of Utah, Nevada, and Arizona...finally, returning home to Indiana to "farm my few acres".

Please say HELLO to LOLA...(what Lola wants...Lola gets).  Walking out of a supermarket - where I purchased a gallon of orange juice upon arriving in LOGANSPORT, Indiana, Lola pulled up...handing me a wad of $$ bills...saw you back on SR reward to you for doing what you are doing...

Lola said more, but some things should simply not be repeated on public forem.

Please say HELLO to NORMAN MILLS. 

Standing next to me at the SUPER 8 MOTEL check-in desk, this gentleman turned to me...didn't think you would be this far along...boy, was I surprised to see SAM parked at the front door - point with his head gesture toward SAM visible through the front door of the motel.

Been following you for some years...sorry about your wife's passing...what a shock to actually meet you and SAM...I knew you were enroute to LOGANSPORT, but did not expect to actually meet up with you. 

...even in my home in OSLO, Norway, you and SAM are well known and followed daily by your ARE making a difference around the World, Bruce.

Moments like meeting Norman Mills, make all my efforts seem so very important.



Mid-town Art:  20-foot tall dancers.

Downtown LOGANSPORT street.

Pic of $4.29 gas.

SR 24...main street of the tiny village of BURNETSVILLE, Indiana...still some 10 miles from MONTICELLO...our destination for today.

Finally, we arrive in MONTICELLO, the Sun drops low in the Western Sky...the motels are still a couple miles away, situated on the Western outskirts of town.

Rainroad Bridge over SR 24 as SAM and ME walk and roll under it.

SR 24...downtown main drag of MONTICELLO, Indiana. is now 7:30 am, June 07, 2013...all blog updates complete and current.

Now to pack up SAM, change into my walking duds...including the new pair of walking shoes I purchased from J.C. PENNYS in LOGANSPORT yesterday...feet being more sore than usual because I walked all day in "new" shoes.  Not a really good thing to do, as the inevitable sore spots develop in the first few hours of wearing new shoes...yesterday was no exception...I just tuned the pain out and kept on...soaking my swollen and pained feet in a tub of hot water before washing out my stinky clothes...all of which are now nice and clean, smell great, and are fully dry from the in-room air conditioner / heater running at 75 degrees for the past 3 hours.

Instead of again heading with SAM down SR 24...what I would really like to do is slip between the feathers and listen to the pillows for another 3 hours or so...I am so very worn out.  Perhaps when we reach sister Carol in another week or so, I can beg a bed in her Nursing Home...then pass out for 36 hours !


Marla said...

Hi Bruce,

I'm not sure how I found your blog, but I've really been enjoying reading about your travels. What a fabulous project!

I'd like to ask you if I could use some of your photos for painting reference. You take great photos, and I'm always looking for semi-rural subject matter. If it's OK, please let me know - there's contact info on my blog.

Bruce Maynard said...

Hi, may contact me at can discuss your use of my photo. I appreciate your interest in my walk and blog...and look forward to your further contact.