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Tuesday, September 2, 2014


A penalty of sorts was introduced by way of our "gratis" motel room last night.  The motel was actually in the nearby town of KANDIYOHI,some 6 miles from the south end of WILLMAR where we picked up US Route 71 leading to the city or REDWOOD FALLS, Minnesota. 
Beggars cannot be choosey it is said, and we are VERY appreciative to the Salvation Army and the City Police of WILLMAR for putting SAM AND me in a comfy motel for the night.

IT WAS 10;00 am by the time we reached the "countryside" of US Route 71 where we could solicit a ride.   Our ride came along by 11:00am, dropping us off 39 miles later in the small village of MORTON.

We tried until 1:00 pm for another ride, which never came...even though at least 100 suitable vehicles passed by.

We finally Walked and Rolled 6 + miles, including up a steep 4-mile long hill to reach the city of REDWOOD FALLS, where we are completing our blog update at McDonalds.

Upon entering REDWOOD FALLS, I noticed my new wrist watch had for the second time, stopped functioning, even though it was "new" from WALMART in Idaho...and had a new battery from the time it stopped running one week ago.

Mentioned to SAM that what we needed was a WALMART for the watch replacement and a grassy spot to spread our sleeping bag for the night.  Not 100 yards later, WALMART materialized.

Lots of lakes as we walked through WILLMAR early this morning.

Local Train Museum.

WILLMAR is a centralized Grain Depot.

...with beautifully manicured lawns.

Looking back into WILLMAR Route 71 as we say good bye.

Please say HELLO to BOB, a local resident who stopped for SAM and ME, delivering us to the town of MORTON, some 40 miles South on US Route 71.

As BOB said, the black soil of this region is some of the finest in all of America, laid down as the recent Ice Age moved North.

Old US Route 71 Bridge over the Minnesota River.

Nearing the top of the long steep hill leading to the city of REDWOOD FALLS, Minnesota.

Corn field somewhat past due to be harvested.

In the morning, SAM and ME will Walk and Roll to US Route 14, which we will follow East to the City of OWATONNA, Minnesota.  We have chosen US Route 14 as it is a major secondary roadway with considerable traffic affording the opportunity to find a ride.  From OWATONNA, we will proceed on US Route 218 to AUSTIN...then Route 56 to the Border town of LE ROY.  This route will lead us to the city of DUBUQUE, Iowa, where we will enter into the State of ILLINOIS.

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Rodney Hess said...


The train yard in Willmar is more of a train building station, where cars are put together to form a particular train, rather than a grain facility. I believe there is even a roundhouse, where they even turn engines around.

My Dad had two brothers who lived in Willmar, and I still have several cousins who live in Willmar. It is a rather busy town, and one of the central hubs in Minnesota, with lots of nearby lakes.

With all the rain in Minnesota this year, I am rather surprised to see that one river so low. Perhaps, that part of MN did not receive all that rain. Last week, there was even flooding of streets in Willmar.

Yes, Minnesota has lots of black soil. When our friends from Ohio visited, they were amazed to see all the black dirt. I think only the Red River Valley by Fargo has more, and deeper, black soil.