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Thursday, September 18, 2014


Pushing SAM down the ON Ramp of Route 35, we were greeted by the PROHIBITION Sign designating PEDESTRIANS as prohibited on the FREEWAY.  Backtracking, we found "OLD SR 35" nearby.  Walking OLD 35 for 3 miles before discovering a Walking / Bicycle PATH advertising to carry us all the way to the next City:  XENIA, Ohio, some 12 miles distant.  Since all passing vehicles ignored us anyway, opted to take the path...a converted Railroad right of way no longer used.

Reaching XENIA, we walked on OLD SR 35 toward the next town of JAMESTOWN, some 14 miles distant.  On this roadway, we received our first and only ride of the day.

Needing a place to stay for the night, SAM and ME walked and rolled the 11 miles to the Truck Stop Center near the town of JEFFERSONVILLE, where we found our Motel Room @ $60.00.  Because we are nearly out of $$, we again did not stop to eat.  Instead, I ate my partially eaten sandwich of yesterday - which was on ice all day .

My BELLINGHAM Primary Doctor (Nurse MELISSA) telephoned a bit ago...time for a battery of tests, which I will try to have performed tomorrow here in JEFFERSONVILLE.  If no LAB is available, will keep moving until a LAB is found.    I am particularly fortunate that my Primary Doctor is monitoring my medical status from her offices in BELLINGHAM.  I am in tune with my body, reporting goings-on via telephone and e-mail.

It is comforting to have her following along as SAM and ME progress on our walk.  The first 4 years, I made all my own medical decisions...sometimes missing important events.

SAM surveying the Walking Path to XENIA.

One of only a couple buildings to survive along the path when the railroad went defunct.

Converted RR Bridge crossing a small river.

Please say HELLO to LEE, living in the town of JAMESTOWN.  Lee gave SAM and ME our only ride of the day...a 8 minute ride to JAMESTOWN.

From JAMESTOWN, SAM and ME walked and rolled to the Truck Stops just outside the town of JEFFERSONVILLE,  some 13 miles distant.  Many vehicles passed us by, but not one stopped to help us.

* * * * * * * * * *

It  has come to pass that hitching a ride in the Western United States is a ten to fifteen minute exercise.  In the East, we have sometimes gone a day or two before someone stops for us.  Most recent rides come forward from folks who are already stopped and overhear our conversations in Convenience Stores or Restaurants.

Many have told me that it is no secret that folks are afraid and reluctant to risk a confrontation by stopping to offer to give hitch hikers a ride.

A subject I reluctantly open:  Our rush to cross America has required we "rest up" each night by getting a good sleep.  Our funds have been nearly drained from the many Motels.  We have $$ enough for three more nights.  After that, we must pitch our Tent.  This will mean no electricity to prepare our blog with our computer, AND, will severely slow our progress each day.

Folks must know I am a penny pincher, purchasing only critically needed supplies.  Even food has taken a back seat to getting our nightly rest.  Yesterday, we walked 10 hours, covering nearly 40 miles.  Today, we walked and rolled 9 hours, covering over 30 miles.  Without adequate rest and proper nurishment ( Food ), I must cut back my daily exertion...i.e., less miles covered...and less blog updates.

In nearly 5 years, I have not asked for much.  Tonight, I must ask for some help

At the top of our Blog Page is a DONATION BUTTON.  This button activates a PAY PAL program designed to receive a donation which is deposited in my North Carolina Bank DEBIT CARD (Checking) Account.  It takes 36 hours to process.

I will continue our walk and Blog until no more funds are available.

For information, our budget is $15.00 per day.  ALL motels and Restaurant meals have come from personal donations we have received hand to hand from those caring folks we meet each day during our walks.

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