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Tuesday, September 16, 2014


Yesterday morning SAM and ME set off from the city of NEW CASTLE.  Actually, we were 3 miles South of NEW CASTLE, having found a motel there.  After such a wonderful time the previous day, my spirits were somewhat blunted...much like being a teenager again experiencing the morning after a great party the night before..

It was raining with heavy overcast skies.    Faced with such a forlorn start, I was mentally preparing for a lonly wet day with little hope for a pleasant evening.  The best I could imagine was a dry place to get in out of the rain,  Food was forgotten altogether.

We walked and rolled some 16 miles to the town of HAGERSTOWN, where, upon asking two City Police where we might settle in a dry spot for the night, were told there was no such place in HAGARSTOWN, and we best continue on.  We then asked Pastor BOB of the NAZERENE Church if we might spend the night in the Church covered outdoor Pavilian.  We were told NO, with a suggestion we walk the 7 miles to the tiny town of GREENSFORK to find shelter.

SAM and ME proceded to walk to GREENSFORK, where we found the Mother Lode of cordiality and endless help not only for the night, but continuing 'till Noon today.

It went kinda like this...

Leaving the motel 3 miles South of NEW CASTLE, Indiana yesterday morning in a light rain.

SAM and ME walked and rolled through the town of NEW CASTLE.

...continuing some 15 miles to the town of HAGERSTOWN,

...receiving a ride the final 1/2mile.

Two City Police stopped SAM and ME, expressing concern for our safety.  After running my identity through their system, they told us there was no place in their town where might set up our tent for the night and that we should keep moving.  In 4.5 years, this was the FIRST time we had been sent away, having been welcomed countless times in towns the country over, being invited into the homes of officials, in CITY HALL, in the Jail , in the Prison, in Churches, in City Parks...and in numerous motels under the program of the Salvation Army.  But in HAGERSTOWN, we were sent on our way.

We stopped at the local church, being told by the Pastor the same as told by the Police.

So, SAM and ME walked the 7 miles to the tiny village of GREENSFORK, where arms flew open to SAM and ME.

If, like ME, anyone wondered what a Pole Barn looked like, this photo solves the wonder.

SAM and ME became the honored guests of DAN DAVIS EXCAVATING for the next nearly 24 hours...carrying us back to HAGERSTOWN to stay the night INSIDE his home, treating me to a "High Class" dinner in the nearby town of CAMBRIDGE CITY.  DAN addressed nearly every person in the magnificent Restaurant by name, introducing all to me.

Returning to his HAGERSTOWN home, we watched Monday Night Football...well, I watched half, sacking out on my bed for the night...the couch.

Please say HELLO to a magnificent man and new friend, DAN DAVIS.  I would wager that DAN could have - hands down - any political position in Counties for 100 miles 'round.  DAN introduced ME to dozens of folks wherever we went, leaving no one out in each of a half dozen coffee shops, Restaurants, and business places...even rounded up a local AMISH family while getting gas.

Please say HELLO to ELLIE, our lovely waitress during our excellent dinner at 09 in CAMBRIDGE CITY.

Please say HELLO to DAN's Wife VICKY, Sister in Law SHEILA, and Amish Employee, STEVEN.

SHEILA lives in ORLANDO, Florida and has invited SAM and ME to visit on our way to KEY WEST next Spring.



Please say HELLO to BRITTANY (and ME) the GREENSFORK Family Restaurant.

Please say HELLO to GLENNA, DAN's friend from JOHN DEERE Farm Implement business near RICHMOND, Indiana.

 DAN drove SAM and ME to Route 35 on the East side of the city of RICHMOND - after breakfast, where once again DAN introduced me to a dozen or more of his friends - .

SAM and ME will be walking and rolling Route 35 most of the way to West Virginia.

JOHN DEERE Business where GLENNA works.

For a lady such as GLENNA, I might be persuaded to re-think my walking.

SAM likes flowers...ME, too.

These guys followed me down their fence line as SAM and ME passed by.

I purchased three Tomatoes.

Please say HELLO to WILLIAM (BOB) MILLER,who stopped for SAM and ME as we approached the town of EATON.  BOB and I enjoyed a BBQ lunch while his friends working there found a Motel for SAM and ME in the next town of WEST ALEXANDRIA.  BOB then took the time to drive us to the motel before dropping us off.

Thank You, Bob for crowning a wonderous 24 hours in this corner of INDIANA and OHIO.

I have come to say to folks that I no longer walk for ME.  It has come to pass that it is for YOU and the hundreds like YOU, for whom SAM and ME are strolling hinter and yon across America.  Thank you all for being there in those moments of need.

* * * * * * * * * *

In the morning, SAM and ME continue East on Route 35.

Information to share:

Began this blog update at 2:00 pm.  It is now 8:45 pm...keeping me at the computer some 6 hours 45 minutes.  In case there is some thought that SAM and ME are shirking our dedication, we assure everyone, our noses are always at the grindstone.  We get this one chance to enjoy that which we do.  Having folks join in as in the recent 36 hours makes our pleasures that much more pleasurable.

Thank You.


Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear of your troubles in Hagerstown. I'm so glad to hear that you met a new friend, Dan and that you were able to make your way back to Hagerstown now with open arms. : )

Anonymous said...

I found your bad and good times on your travels
Dallas of wv

Anonymous said...

So sorry to hear of your poor welcome to Hagerstown. Glad you met Big Dan Davis. Hope your travels continue well and hope if you ever come back through Hagerstown more of us have a chance to meet you.

Chief Folkner said...

The posted account of the interaction in Hagerstown is not accurate and I am saddened that this inaccurate portrayal of our great community has been posted in this manner.I was one of the Officers that came in contact with Sam only and he knows that this post is extremely misleading.

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with Chief Folkner, although I was not one of the ones you came in contact with, I find your account total BS. Having grown up and living in Hagerstown most of my life, there is absolutely no way that you were treated with as much disrespect as you state. The Church you most likely stopped at would not turn you away, I personally know the Pastor if it is the most likely one and he would have welcome you with open arms and most likely insisted you stay indoors instead of pitching a tent near the Church. I find it appalling that you would disrespect our town with such an inaccurate report.

Lisa DeVinney-Roudabaugh said...

So happy you ran into Dan Davis and his family. They have always been very good people. There are other unselfish kind people who live in Hagerstown, sorry for your first experience upon your arrival.

Joe Sorrell said...

I would like to know why he and Sam were stopped. If it is as he states the police were concerned for his safety, doesn't that imply they needed help, or was that just an excuse to check them out for walking through town. Did they need to ask for help, it did not seem like Dan Davis Sr had any trouble figuring it out. As for the pastor, I hope it is not true, and it should not be true.