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Sunday, September 14, 2014


Yesterday afternoon while walking aimlessly in the city of LAFEYETTE, Indiana, looking for a place to bed down for the night, I stand before a Pawn Shop.  Why not, I think, walking in.  Meeting ASHLEY, a 21 year old employee, we engage in conversation...leading to ASHLEY's invitation to literally "TAKE SAM and ME Home with her".  Actually, we are taken to the home of ASHLEY's parents, where an incredible day is brought to a close cozily snuggled in a feather soft bed in the home of MATT and KRISTY.

This afternoon, pushing SAM aimlessly in the town of PENDLETON, Indiana, undecided what to do...start walking to the next town 6 miles distant, or try to find a place to rest our head for the night in PENDLETON.  I step into a Convenience Store for their incredible $0.69 ANY SIZE Soft Drink.  Taking my first sip, a lady asks..."Are you Bruce".

Seems KIM and Hubby TRAVIS saw SAM and ME crossing a busy intersection, noticed the printing on the back of my Reflective Vest, queried the internet, found our blog, and searched the streets of PENDLETON until they found SAM parked outside the Convenience Store.

Minutes later, SAM and ME are deposited at a motel in the distant city (20 miles distant).  Before driving back to PENDLETON, TRAVIS hands me $$ to pay for the motel.

These events are unique and important in that they occurred while SAM was parked and new friends came forward offering us rides ...rides resulting in major advantages to SAM and ME.

Goes to show the kindness of folks not only driving the roadways.

Simultaneous to meeting KIM and TRAVIS, a third man approached us stating that he saw SAM and ME on TV this morning...he did not explain further.

Please say HELLO to KRISTY and MATT, who invited SAM and ME for the night into their home.  This morning, KRISTY drove SAM and ME some some 20 miles to the city of NOBELSVILLE. 

Family pets of MATT and KRISTY.  All three greeted me with total abandom.  The middle dog, STERLING, followed me like the little puppy he is...8 months.

Please say HELLO to DEB and DAVE, who gave SAM and ME our second ride of the day...only 4 miles, but that saves us one hour walking time.


 Please say HELLO to the estatic couple of KIM and TRAVIS...estatic after tracking us down after searching the town after spotting us crossing an intersection.  (lots of "afters" there).

Driving SAM and ME some 20 miles , searching the internet and local Convenience Store to find a motel, insisted on paying for our motel...the GARDEN INN.


Please help SAM and ME to say GOOD BYE to TRAVIS and KIM.

...and so often I AM ASKED WHY...WHY am I dedicated to walking America.  Surly, today and the wonderful people helping SAM and ME provides at least a partial reply.

* * * * * * * * * *

Tomorrow morning, SAM and ME will make our way from NEW CASTLE, Indiana to the border city of RICHMOND (border with the State of OHIO)...and beyond.

DALLAS assures us that it is only another 200 miles to his home in HURRICANE, WEST VIRGINIA (near CHARLESTON).

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