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Thursday, September 4, 2014


This morning, we tried a different method of finding a ride.  Instead of standing in one place, we immediately walked and rolled from the city of MANKATO toward the city of WASECA on the 4-lane divided highway Route 14, which has a 4 foot wide paved berm, giving us plenty of room.

We normally walk facing the oncoming traffic.  When asking for a ride however, we walk "with" the traffic.  Hearing traffic approaching from behind, I either turn to see if a suitable vehicle is approaching, or I simply keep walking, but raise my left arm with my Thumb sticking UP...the universally accepted signal that I am asking for a ride...more commonly referred to as "hitch hiking".

We walked over 5 hours with no ride.

Hearing a "BEEP" close behind us, I turned to see a Red Pickup Truck stopped not ten feet away.  I did not hear it approaching, but it pulled up beside SAM and ME...are you looking for a ride...?

We, of course, accepted, loaded SAM, and was delivered to the city of OWATONNA, Minnesota, some 40 miles from MANKATO.

Local corn is tall, dark green, and about ready to be harvested.  The corn pictured is FEED corn, used for cattle food...or used to manufacture ETHANOL, a gasoline Additive.

Local farm.

I am told most farms are not worked - or even lived on - by the owner.  Many farms are LEASED to other farmers.  This practice has resulted in the Taxing Commission to classify such land as COMMERCIAL...not AGRICULTURAL, resulting in a considerable higher tax being applied.

Please say HELLO to CRAIG, our benefactor today.

In addition to delivering SAM and ME to OWATONNA, CRAIG bought us lunch and drove us to our Motel, near Route 218, which we will walk and roll in the morning.

* * * * * * * * * *

Received a big surprise checking into the motel.  We were already in their computer, as we stayed in this same motel one year ago as SAM and ME were walking and rolling from North Carolina to the Peace Arch.

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Rodney Hess said...

Craig in the red pickup looks like a really super gentleman.

You will probably see lots of very wonderful crops along HWy #14, heading east. That is some of the very best soil in all the world, always getting lots of moisture every year. It is always a pleasure driving Hwy 14, to see all the great crops.

Happy Trails tomorrow. A cool front is approaching over night, but highs in the seventies after that. Great fall weather.