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Monday, September 22, 2014


Sliding once again into my sleeping bag, CHUCK put SAM and ME up in their entertainment center located on their hill top property a few miles West of the city of GALLIPOLIS, Ohio.  Because of festivites, no motel rooms were to be found.

CHUCK explained that I was not invited inside his home because of the recent trauma left with his family by the loss of his Mother and Step Father, both murdered.

Even so, in the morning, CHUCK and his Father drove SAM and ME across the OHIO River Bridge into West Virginia on Route 35 to the Convenience Store in the village of PLINY, some 30 miles from GALLIPOLIS, saving us a full day walk - and another overnight search.

Walking Route 35 some 6 miles to HURRICANE CREEK ROAD, we walked and rolled on that back country road until being offered a ride by a passing motorist, RICK THOMAS, who delivered us to ARBY's in the city of HURRICANE, West Virginia, home of our friend, DALLAS.

We have beat the COLD !


CHUCK's Hilltop Home.

Entertainment Center, in which SAM and ME found our overnight home.

Tucked into a corner of the Kitchen, our blog update was completed among our Air Mattress and Sleeping Bag.

Bridge spanning the OHIO River into the State of West Virginia.  Photo taken from the back seat of CHUCK's Pickup Truck.

Poor back-seat photograph of the OHIO River.

Please say HELLO to JEANNIE, of the Pliny Village Convenience Store.  I misplaced my previously prepared maps.  JEANNIE gifted me her West Virginia map, pointing out a back country road shortcut to our destination city of HURRICANE.

This Country Home overlooking a pristine lake is FOR SALE.

West Virginia typical countryside scene.  Certainly one of America's most scenic States !

SAM surveying JEANNIE's shortcut road from Route 35.

Shortcut road to HURRICANE is recently repaved...a pleasant conclusion to our two month race across America to reach DALLAS' HURRICANE home.

Many have been instrumental in our timely crossing and arrival...Thank You, again.

West Virginia his Long Rifle for his Weed Eater.

Please say HELLO to JEREMY - and his young friend - not pictured -, ISAIAH.

* * * * * * * * * *

DALLAS lives some 3 miles from HURRICANE city center.  I was not certain which road to take because of considerable new business construction   Phoning, DALLAS joined me at ARBY's, where I enjoyed the BEST Fast Food Sandwich (BLT) ever.  Sorry McD, but you don't hold a candle to ARBY's meaty treat.

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Aimee @ Just Kidding Around Atlanta said...

So glad you beat the cold and arrived in WV. Enjoy your visit with your friend!