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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Day 4

Day 4 has started wet again. SAM & ME enjoyed a dry nite under Jeff's patio roof. Only the freight trains 1 block away seemed to be running straight thru the tent. Last night' hot shower was fantastic and all my soaked clothes were hung & to wash them - yuck. Thank you, Jeff, for your kindness. Who would ever take in a complete stranger & hand them the keys to their home for the night. I'm in awe.

Day 2 was a very pleasant walk from B'ham to Alger. Melissa & hubby tracked US down along lake Samish where we shared their beer and Carol's cookies. Arrived Alger at 5pm where I met Tracy who offered his farmyard a mile or so away for our tent. After sharing a beer, WE took off walking BACK towards Bellingham's Lake Whatcom. After 1 hour & no farm, we turned around & headed back toward Alger.

Out of Heaven dropped a shiny black sedan; it passed US & stopped half in the road; out stepped an apparition who walked purposefully back to US; ..."Are you Mr. Maynard who...etc...Julie says to me. Short story: "..."I live too far away for you to walk to my place for the night..." (a statement ! not an offer !) Shortly, Julie left US, never waiting to find out if WE agreed it was too far.

SAM & ME watched Julie's black car disappear; WE continued walking back towards Alger.

It started to rain. It got dark VERY dark. At Alger WE contined South on Old 99. Rained harder. WE walked and walked until about 10pm when Skagit Speedway appeared. WE pulled in, found a seculed dark corner in the parking lot, and could go no further. Trying for 1/2 hour in the freezing pouring rain to set up our tent, everything taken out of SAM got thoroughly soaked...including me. SAM finally got into her tent & I soon followed after recovering our treasures from the puddled grass. Actually, I slept very well.

Day 3: E brought me some rain things I left home...I'll not need these, I had said at the time...thankyou E. WE walked from 11am until 4pm. Met a number of folks who stopped along the road to chat. Brad even walked along for a few miles...take care, Brad. At Verizon in Burlington, bought a second cell battery. All batteries ran out of juice during the day. Could not recharge as no Sun appeared & light was terrible with all the rain that past 24 hours, so no solar panel electricity...i.e.; all batteries died.

A second "Julie" (gosh, are all Julie's so gorgeous?)stopped to give US directions,.."I live too far away back the way you came to take you home for the night..." now where did WE hear that before. What is wong letting US decide what is too far for the potential rewards. Life is sometimes cruel.

Julie said "bye" and walked on with a somewhat sensual smile. Starting to enjoy this walk.

WE continued thru Mt. Vernon. At the end of town, I approached a couple moving things out of a house with a "for sale" sign. Got up my courage, and asked if WE might set up our tent in their yard for the night. Jeff said NO, but he had a second house 2 blocks away where we could. Jeff walked US to his second house he was moving out of. He cleared away a spot on his patio under the roof, introduced Ben & Helga, his dogs, handed me the key..."just in case you would like a shower", Jeff says and after pointing out where the electrical outlet was, left US for the night.
WOW !!! Can never thank you enough, Jeff.

It is now Day 5 morning. Somewhat recovered from the rain ordeal & Julie/s encounters. We will be on our way shortly, continuing down Old 99 towards Stanwood. Already received two communicatios from newfoundfriends that we will be targeted during the day as ..."find Mr. Maynard" gaming continues.



Melissa Keith said...

Sorry to hear about your evening the other night. At least the next night went a long way towards making up for the earlier one! Glad to hear that others are playing the "Find Bruce" game.

lori said...

I think I figured this profile thing out. If it works, I will take an explanation sheet to the SYC meeting Wednesday night so folks can comment on your blog.