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Monday, April 19, 2010

Mini HP for the 1st Time

Good Evening;

What a beautiful past 3 days in Bellingham. Tonite supposed to get us wet...but that is why I live in the Pacific the weather.,,clean...brisk...temprete...

For the first time, we are using our Mini HP to create our blog. Not so easy for an old secretary like me (yes, I began all of it as a stenographer...shorthand the old Greg Simplified way and typing on a fully mechanical Underwood). Fat fingers do not walk so easily on itsybitsy keys on this marvel of communication wonders. But, as it will be my link to the world for next several months, here we go...

SAM is on a strict diet. She has shed over 25 pounds in the past 24 hours and is destined to lose a few more before our quickly approaching departure for the Peace Arch. Our friend, Tom E. is carrying SAM & ME in his trailer to the arch at 8:30 am Wednesday, April 21 (I know...been saying Wednesday is April 20. chalk it up to...well, you decide).

We plan to straddle the Canada/USA boundary under the arch at 10:00 am to take a few pictures and video then...the first step of 4,082 miles to Key West.

My neighbor, Jim, has programmed this computer to be photo/video literate. That means, after much practice, I will include photos & video in this blog as well as on Facebook (look for us under Bruce Maynard). We will also have SKYPE for all to video/conference with SAM & ME. Plan to be on line early each morning (say about 6:00am PST) and evening (time TBD). So, please, if you have SKYPE, stop by. If you do not have SKYPE, it is a supurb way to video communicate FREE with anyone/everyone in the entire world. SKYPE download/setup is quite easy.

Man, this is tuff. I'm a touch typist. Not used to this hunt n'peck stuff.

Tomorrow, my sailing friend, Raleigh, will report in to the Office for indoctrination. Raleigh, being already retired, is apparently eager to sit in for me during our walk. He will handle all office routine and keep me posted as to activities. Without Raleigh, our walk would simply not be possible.

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Melissa and Craig said...

We saw you walking today in Bellingham and didn't know what you were up to. What a great story!! We'll be anxious to follow along with your travels. Best of luck to you and safe journeys.