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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Seniors Walking

So, this is Saturday work today, but went anyway & forwarded all Company phone lines to my cell phone to test the "system" of receiving business phone calls on the"road" as I walk. Seems to work ok. Thanks, Qwest.

Also activated Garmin DVD on my hp mini computer. Finally figured out how to use the basics and send the "routes" to my Garmin60csx. Now gotta figgure how to make the csx work. I'm just not one of these techies my piano, gotta work for every correct note I hit.

Jon came to Bellingham today. He brought along his "Seniors Walking" documentary he entered into the Toronto Film Festival. Jon played his film for me. I sat mesmerized. After 3 minutes or so, I turned to Jon and said, "Is that really me? Did I really say those things?" "Yep!", he says. I was nearly moved to tears. I look forward to the moment Jon can put his "Seniors Walking" on the web. I believe lotsa folks are gonna like it.

Nothing much else occurred today...took SAM for a stroll for Jon & his staff to see & then for a longer hike. SAM seemed pleased. Charged up her batteries when we returned to the office/warehouse.

I am mentally ready to begin our walk. Another week & half to April 20 departure date. Am looking forward to it. Three or four folks have invited me & SAM to stop & spend the nite and have a nice bath/dinner/soft bed. My, how this is all snowballing...I just hope I am worthy of the attention and interest in this ole' man walking to Key West.

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Anonymous said...

I want to see pictures of your camps and of you walking etc. It would be great along with this blog. Way to go I have always wanted to do a walk like this!