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Friday, April 16, 2010

T-96 Hours & Counting

Today, a chapter was finally closed. 30 Years after starting my Company, I fully EMPTIED my warehouse. My Office is a mess, but the warehouse is spic and span, ready for new tenants on Monday morning.

I wonder how many folks start over from scratch in their lives at least once. You might be shocked to learn that this is my 4th FULL STOP. Three previous times, I have lost - or have had taken from me - EVERYTHING of tangible value. To walk into your future with the clothes on your back is a sobering moment. To do it four times is almost criminal.

And, in 96 hours from now, I will again experience criminality renewed.

When, living a good part of your life with someone(s) you feel you simply cannot live without is irrevocably taken away...somehow...someway....I have learned that if I can just make it to that corner up ahead...that illusive corner...something or someone is there for me.

Melodramatic? Yes. But that is the way my life has been. A series of many years of bliss ending in a finality so total as to want to jump off the nearest bridge. But for me, that corner is just up ahead and by golly, I'm gonna get there if I must hump along on my tummy.

So, coming Wednesday, April 20, 2010, I begin phase five (5) of my fascinating life. Like turning a page to begin a new chapter, our (SAM & ME) walk into the unknown has already borne so much fruit as to feel like the corner is..."somewhere back thar..."

I have tried very diligently to keep my blog directed. I am, however, an unbelievable romantic demanding words such as those above to blast forth. I promise, however, that I will make a very determined effort to keep to the subject of SAM and ME and and our walk.

I have asked several to Please, Please, Please, critique me. I am not a writer and I need help. Everyone who has responded has denied any critique. Bewildered? You bet.!!!

SAM is a jewel. She is beautiful to look at. She is perfectly balanced. She has power to burn. She has room for much more than I want to take with us. She is also overweight.

Now don''t get me wrong. I love her dearly. She just must lose a few pounds. So, I have spent the past two days packing...repacking...packing again...and repacking again. It has paid off. I have not only coerced her to shed a few pounds, but have changed her center of gravity. That allows me to steer her with much more agility.

We, SAM and ME have walked some 50 miles in the past 36 hours. We have climbed steep hills and descended equally steep grades...and I have pushed her sweet tush over flat ground for more miles than I want to keep track of. We are, in a word, becoming familiar.

Tomorrow, Saturday, April 17, I will load SAM in her final configuration and take US out for a stroll.

I have been changing my sleeping schedule drastically. Going to bed about 9:00 pm & waking about 3:30 am. Lying awake for a couple hours going mentally through "what ifs" for SAM & ME and then off to work by 7:00 am. It's now 7:18 pm and I'm pooped. Much, I am certain, because of the trauma of shutting down 30 years of my life.

Next blog, I will talk with you about my desire for future walk-films..specifically, subject and methodology to bring folks into our walk by way of video and hopefully share their/my realities with others. I do not have a thundering desire to pull in untold $$$ for some cause...many of which I am personally afflicted by...but, rather, to tell the story of Americans SAM and ME meet along the way.

G'nite...luv U

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