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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Significant Other Is Home...

Good Even'n, all.

My Significant Other arrived back in Bellingham Monday, right on schedule, flying British Air from London to Seattle; then bus to Bellingham. Apprehensive, I have been; but we had a kind and comforting reunion. She seems truly pleased with our home - inside and out - but hoped for Tulips instead of the high-tech bouquet resting on the table for her I have presented upon her return these many years of our relationship. She is accepting my imminent departure for the long walk...just about the same length as Mao's walk across China in might know that I visited Mao's home in Wuhan, China...but that is another story for a quiet future evening.

SAM is now complete. She is going through repeated packing, repacking and repacking again. All possible items to join our journey are laid out on the long shelving of my warehouse, awaiting decision...I can feel them thinking..."am I going"..."am I being left behind"..."is there room for me in SAM"..."or am I to be packed away in a dark place for some future day when Bruce may again take me out and into his life." Even inantimate objects have feelings and know very well what is going on. Each item must have dual or multiple function to be considered for our journey and I feel sad for those left behind.

I know, I'm a romantic and probably a bit off center; but, then again, being a Cancer has it's look for the pleasure in all things and try to be fair and honest in decisions. Wish all items could join SAM and me...but, disappointment will come to some.

My very good friend, Les, was all set to look after my Company office...take in the mail, make bank deposits, keep paper in the FAX machine & generally look after things. Shockingly, Les suffered a heart "failure" a few days ago. ER brought him through and he has now entered lengthy heart rehabilitation. So, Les says he cannot be counted on to stand in for me.

I have many boating items to dispose of after purging the warehouse for the new tenents. Another friend, Raleigh, has agreed to take these items to the May 01 Boating Opening Day Swap Meet. Just what would the world be without friends !!! Mentioned that Les was doubtful to stand in for me, and Raleigh jumped at the opportunity to take his place...WOW...just what did I do to deserve these guys.

Have been using Google, Bing, MSN, and Garmin to lay out detailed routes for SAM and me. I want to use the new HP mini-computer and my Garmin 60CSX GPS to detail the journey. Have kinda settled on Garmin's "City" software. Tried all day to get it downloaded. After numerous starts/failures, phoned Garmin Tech Staff, who advised me that I needed this and I needed that, which I did not have. Pointed out that their web site made no mention of that stuff and got into a pi__ing contest with some strong willed (stronger willed than me) Techie about the shortcomings of their website instructions. Finally got transferred to "management", who, after listening to the adventure of SAM & me, started jumping through hoops. End result: Garmin is giving me what I need and asked for permission to use SAM & me for advertising...the world is full of surprises.

On Saturday, Jon is bringing "our" documentary to Bellingham for me to view. Since it is still in the "finals" competition in Toronto, it cannot be shown to "outsiders", but he wants me to see it. I think he is a bit taken by his own work and I am eager to see it. As I mentioned before, final selections will be made on or shortly after May 10.

I really don't know if anyone is reading any of this, but if you are, a word of critique is very welcome. I'm not really a writer, and welcome any/all input(s).

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Melissa Keith said...

Hi Bruce,
Yes, someone is reading this! I saw your photo in The Herald and clicked over to your blog.

I have to say that, YES, you are a writer! I love your style.

What a great adventure you are starting. I can't wait to read about all the things you see and do, and all of the people you meet.