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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Time Out

OK, OK, OK, I took the day off. SAM needed some attention and to tell the truth, this ole' bod was totally wasted upon arriving in Bellingham at 7 pm last evening.

So, I spent the entire day recovering (the bod) and repairing (SAM), and processing orders which came on the cell phone during our trek from Blaine.

Some friends dropped in at the office and presented me some tablets which can be written on under water. It was raining part of the time yesterday from Blaine, & had a chore keeping my notebook dry. Thanks Lar & Barb. Very kind gesture. & Guess what, Lar...I too, will miss the shake-down cruise this year.

For Vincent & Charlotte: I tried...really tried to reach you yesterday. Will try again in the am & perhaps stop by on my way out of town. (I lost your very sorry). Was thinking of you, Charlotte, during my 7 hour walk from Blaine to B'ham. Hope you are following me along.

Will have another night in my very comfy bed at home. Have a few last minute things to put right at the office, then SAM & ME, we are on our way. Learning from yesterday, we plan to make SHORT WALKS - an hour or so - rest for a while and continue on. Yesterday, we did 4 hours nonstop; not a good idea to do that again until we get into a rhythm. If we make 15 - 20 miles tomorrow, we will be pleased.

Truthfully, my greatest angst is where & how to set up our tent for the night. Do we simply find a secluded spot and plop down, or do we boldly ring someone's doorbell and ask permission; i.e., "Good evening, dear Sir/Mam. SAM and Me, we are walking to Florida and would like to ask if we may set up our tent for the night in your yard. We will be gone by early morning. Oh, by the way, if we may plug SAMs batteries into your electrical outlet, that would be just peachy."...or some equally outrageous approach. Suggestions are welcome.

Gee, this is starting to be some kinda fun.

OK, off to take a shower & get some sleep. A special thankyou for your wonderful cookies, Carol.

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TenTallFirs said...

Hello, We saw the write up in the B-ham Herald and our family is looking forward to following your adventures. We wish you many smooth miles and think what you're doing is just fantastic. We are going to make a map and track you across the US. Would you mind re-posting, to those of us who do not know, who and what SAM is? The boys are interested. ;) Thanks!