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Sunday, June 19, 2011


GRAND BAY, ALABAMA is a wide-spread town of about 5,000 population. Asking folks about their town, I am told there is no "town"...just lottsa homes spread way out. Next corner of US 90, I come across the "town" of GRAND BAY...quite a nice town with a number of modern buildings and businesses. Another indication that many folks are born, are raised, live, and die within a couple miles of their home.

This is a "driveway" to a private residence. A large number of "set-back" homes of some wealth have such driveways leading from US 90.

A modest home with a well designed and maintained entry. I have not seen a single residence - private or apartment / mobile home type - in this part of Alabama that is not well kept.

H&R Block is conspicuous by their absence - except in the large cities. A number of "private" Tax Return Providers are, however, present in every village...

They seem to be out numbered only by Pawn Shops, Thrift Shops or Pay Day Loans - some @ interest free for the first loan...evidence of difficult times is everywhere if one looks a bit.

US 90, the main street - together with SR 188 - of GRAND BAY, ALABAMA.

Took a few moments to stop and chat with the local Sheriff. He told me that Katrina devastated the livelihood of many folks...shrimp having their Shrimp Boats swept inland and destroyed.

GRAND BAY lies about one mile inland from the Gulf Coast.

Local water melon came on the market this weekend. I bought a really big one and gave it to Fred - my thanks for his hospitality.

GRAND BAY also has it's own Water Works Department. I filled SPIA's water tanks at Fred's, using "city" water. It tastes just great.

This resident has taken a practice from Road Builders. The ditch in front of this private home is lined with wheat-stalk matting and seeded. The matting holds loose soil (all sand around here) firmly, and provides a incubator for germinating grass seed. It also provides a firm base for soil stability later on.

I have seen this practice all over the USA in new roadway construction. This is a first for private use.

A local home, set well back from the highway - which in this case is SR 188.

US 90 bridge undermined by Katrina erosion is just now being rebuilt. Therefore, SR 188 is a local detour, adding four miles to MOBILE, ALABAMA.

An interesting used "Instant Bow Ribbons", which my Company introduced to North America from Switzerland in 1981.

A few moments after taking the previous photograph, this couple pulled up next to me asking why I was taking pics of local homes...turned out the Gentleman was the Building Contractor who built that home, lived in it a bit, ans now lives next door with a sign out front advertising TILLMAN CONSTRUCTION.

We chatted for a few minutes and was given approval by Richard Tillman to use the pics.

Please say HELLO to Richard Tillman and his Wife, Caren.

GRAND BAY Water Tower.

Another of my favorite subjects: a tree with blooms. This is one of six on this business property.

A large assortment of "used" furniture filled the parking lot in front of this business fronting on US 90.

US 90 in another traffic

Please say HELLO to Cocoa and Fred's Chariot. As promised, Cocoa was waiting in her harness for me when I returned from my 5-hour walk of this morning...yes 5 hours...4 hours walking and 1 hour visiting, covering about 16 miles - nearly the distance to MOBILE, ALABAMA.

Driver's (mine) view of the South end of a North-Bound Pony.

Fred caught me on the Panasonic as I was guiding Cocoa around Fred's groomed acreage, which includes a water slide, BB! and Party building, and a few other entertainment items for his Pony Business.

Fred: sure you never drove a cart before???

Confidentially, I have never been near a cart before; and, before I found I could communicate with horses - and other animals as well -, I was scared to death to get close to horses...owned a Quarter Horse once, who bit my arm when I gave him a shot...he became instant history.

DAILY UPDATE: Walked 16 miles today.

SEE YOUR IMPACT.ORG: Credit 16 miles @ $0.02 = $0.32 for the day.

After saying goodbye to Fred and his Ponies, drove SPIA to the Western outskirts of MOBILE, ALABAMA. We are parked in the back lot of a business...hope we don't get kicked out during the night.

While walking this morning, I parked SPIA next to an Oak Tree Branch...knowing nothing about critters living in local Oak Trees. Upon return, SPIA was covered on the outside with ANTS and highways on the inside with ANTS. I have spent most of the afternoon and evening stripping SPIA's insides and spraying and cleaning. Still a few here and there, but the worse seems to be under I wrote this, a wee ant crawled across the screen...I squished it.

Also spent about 5 hours working on the computer at Fred's. I finally uploaded yesterday's blog and got it posted...what a mess ! ! !

In the morning, will see how the ANT situation is; then figure how to cross MOBILE, ALABAMA so we can continue on to Florida...I really do NOT like walking through large towns or Cities.

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Anonymous said...

enjoyed reading about your visit to our town.just a small correction.we are much farther north of the gulf than 1's at least 5 miles south of open access to the gulf around here,unless you know someone who owns property close,and then,its highly wooded terrain before you could reach it.wonderful place to live,though!!!kat