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Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Nearing today's walk completion, came across a GUN and PAWN Shop. Decided it was time to look into getting a small Pistol for protection...not that I would know how to fire one.

Please say HELLO to Will. Will chatted a bit with me...No, I cannot sell you a Pistol because you are a resident of Washington State and can purchase Pistols ONLY in Washington State.

But I would suggest a Mace or Pepper Spray. It will stop nearly any smaller animal up to 10 feet distance...if you are closer than that to a large snake, you are TOO close anyhow !...

For $6.95, I bought Will's Pocket clip-on 25-shot I feel better - maybe not safer...just better.

SPIA's first parking spot after driving out of CHIPLEY, FLORIDA. Recall that there was a NO PARKING sign at Wal*Mart???; well, I went back to Wal*Mart to take care of morning necessaries (always try to do so instead of filling up SPIA's limited tank space). Stopped at Customer Service...Oh, that no attention to it; it is from the City to chase away Vagrants. RVs always park over night. So much for trying to follow the rules !


Awesome stand of Florida Pine Trees.

A Cyprus Swamp with no water. Water in the Florida Panhandle is down severely I am told by the locals...Everyone wants rain. Clouds form, Thunder Claps, and a few drops wet the ground for 15 minutes and moves on.

It is WATERMELON time in the Florida Panhandle. Today alone, I saw no less than six (6) pickup trucks parked hawking watermelon and cantaloupe. This one caught my eye because of the lone woman and little menfolk to be seen...a bit unusual.

I walked over when a big guy got out of the front of the Cab. We had a pleasant chat for 15 minutes or so. The little girl asks...why don't you buy one or our watermelons, Mister. I bought one this morning from Wal-Mart. She cut me off a big chunk of taste ours...have to admit it was better than Wal*Mart watermelon.

Please say Hello to LIZ and 8 year old Daughter LORRI - a.k.a. SHAY. Liz said they made $6.00 so far today...sitting all day, but hope for $4.00 more before going home. Good thing we love watermelon...Shay agreed she loves the things.

An hour later, walking back to SPIA, I passed Liz and Lorri on the other side of US 90...I received a shout and eager waves...should have bought one of their watermelons anyway...hindsight !

As with ALL towns in the Deep South, Churches abound on every side.

yes, and on this side, too.

Even up there with a built-in Dog Rest Place out front.

Money changers run a close second to the religious group.

Manufactured Homes...still seen nearly everywhere. Here is an entire preplanned community of Manufactured Homes.

KUBOTA has definitely taken over the small tractor market in ALL the USA. Some of their machines are unbelievable and all are easy on the eyes. Have not checked the pocketbook.

This little fellow stands about 4 - feet high.

A lake upon leaving the town of MARIANNA. Had not seen such a large lake around here before.

Try not to peek on the opposite side of the highway I am walking. On my walk BACK to SPIA, this is the "other side of the road" from the Lake. Under the Highway is built a Dam and spillways. A wheelchair accessible Park runs through the forest and along the river. Tubes, Rafts, and small Boats are for rent. A real surprise to see all this development. A number of young folks were at the park. Two older geezers sat at picnic tables set along the park pathways.

Down stream 300 feet from the Dam Spillway are these exposed Tree Roots. I would imagine that in normal water conditions ; i.e., more water available, these roots would be covered.

DAILY UPDATE: Walked three legs of 12, 8 and 4 miles = 24 miles.

SEE YOUR IMPACT.ORG: Credit 24 miles @ $0.02 = $0.48 for the day.

SPIA is parked for the night about 1 mile East of MARIANNA, FLORIDA in an open spot along side US 90. In the morning, will leave SPIA and walk East...then see how the day goes.

The clouds are so thick and dense that at 5:00 pm local time, it is nearly dark. All vehicles have their head lights on. Sun down is about 8:00 pm.

Have once again CHANGED MY ROUTE:

I Will NOT walk South of TALAHASSEE on US 27. It is 4-lane ALL THE WAY, built up commercial, and heavily traveled. Instead, I will continue on US 90 beyond TALAHASSEE until it reaches US 100 at the town of LAKE CITY, FLORIDA. Will follow US 100 to FLAGLER BEACH on the Atlantic Ocean - yes, Ocean to Ocean finally -. Then will walk Highway A1A and/or US 1 South to the town of TITUSVILLE, FLORIDA, where my Niece, Karen is waiting to welcome us into her home for a bit of a rest before continuing down A1A and / US 1 to MIAMI, FLORIDA.

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