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Saturday, June 25, 2011


Made a special trip with SPIA back 15 miles into the town of CRESTVIEW, FLORIDA - which is large enough to support LOWES, WAL*MART, and a couple other Box stores. In WAL*MART, I found the ice cream scoop I was looking for. Now this is the way to keep and eat watermelon.

Added features is near instant cold Coke and Beer, and a good spot of my cucumber.

The cold water makes a great foot bath after hours of walking in this Florida humid heat.

Watermelon with it's "Lid" back on...keeps the inside fresh. I cut it just high enough so melting ice water does not seep under the lid and mess up the inside of the watermelon. After the watermelon is finished later tonight, a cantaloupe is waiting in the sink for it's turn in the cold box.

Early this morning, I walked up this gravel road to US 90, turned right (East), and walked for four (4) hours out and back to SPIA. Totally uneventful, except for the Shoal River.

I stopped in at a convenience store, asking what the Highway (US 90) was like on to TALLAHASSEE, FLORIDA. I was told it is desolate and boring all the way. So far, the lady is right.

US 90 Divided Highway...most of US 90 in these parts of Florida is 2-lane. Here and there, a 4-lane is thrown in. An interesting feature is the 100 or so foot grass roadside - same on both sides of the road. A single road sign back near CRESTVIEW says "No Parking On Road Right Of Way". There was only one such sign so far. I was confused as to what constitutes the Road Right Of Way. Later on, I asked a State Patrol on for that response ! ! !

One beautiful aspect of the surrounding forest is the light and shadow among the dense Pine Tree vegetation.

US 90 has continued to climb - get higher - as we walk away from the Alabama border. We are certainly now much over 100 feet elevation. My estimation is we are about 500 feet much for my memory of 48 feet being the highest point of Florida...perhaps that was of "Southern" Florida...

We shall find out soon.

The Shoal River: The "Ray Lynn Boat Launch alongside the US 90 Bridge over the river. One must be careful driving that side road. It has NO signs about the road continuing into the river. Luckily, the water is only a couple feet deep at the moment.

Surprising to me is that the "water" is tinged the color "red/rust". If it were deeper, it would certainly look "black". Still no good answer about "black" waters here in the deep South.

The Red Soil of the bottom of Shoal River clearly shows through in this photograph.

and, even more so in this photograph.

Apologize for the unimaginative photographs of today's Blog. If it ain't there, I cain't photograph it.

Earlier on, I mentioned a conversation with a State Patrolman about the definition of "Right Of Way". Gee, I never thought about that before...I really don't know !

He was so very pleasant...the Uncle of the young man managing the above Dollar General store.

Uncle Policeman went on to say the police would be looking out for me and would certainly not bother SPIA if she was parked 20 or so feet off the pavement. He could not speak for the Sheriff, but would let them know SPIA and I am walking / parking on their roadways for the next few days.

I try to contact local Sheriff Officers as I walk into new Counties, introducing myself and explaining what we are about. Have received nothing but the most sincere welcome and wishes for a safe walk.

It seems to be local town authorities that are the main problem in booting us out in the middle of the night.

For tonight, found this somewhat secluded red-sand road heading North off US 90. SPIA sits well off the road, and hopefully, we will have a peaceful night. There appear to be some small farm houses - cows in the field across the road from SPIA, so we are not entirely alone.

The ants have for the most part disappeared - I certainly sprayed everywhere I could think of -...and still, a few find their way to crawl down my arm while typing. Had a BIG surprise opening the lid of my one-pound jar of Creamy Peanut Butter last evening. About 20 ants had been hiding in the screw threads. When I opened the jar, they scampered down into the jar, getting stuck in the peanut butter. I dampened a paper towel and wiped about 10 away from the top of the jar and the lid. I then screwed the lid back in, careful not to disturb the ants stuck inside.

This morning, I opened the jar. All the ants were dead. I CAREFULLY removed each one...very careful not to push one down into the peanut butter. It appeared I got 'em all sister said - on the phone -...Oh well, a bit more protein is good for me !.

DAILY REPORT: Walked two times today for 24 miles

SEE YOUR IMPACT.ORG: Credit 24 miles @ $0.02 = $0.48 for the day

In the morning, will leave SPIA parked and again walk East on US 90. Still 120 miles to go to TALLAHASSEE.

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