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Tuesday, June 21, 2011


A couple weeks ago, back in Louisiana, I was introduced to "Boiled Peanuts". Raw in-shell peanuts are placed in boiling water laced with favorite spices, resulting in CAJUN Peanuts, WESTERN Peanuts, MEXICAN Peanuts, etc. They are eaten directly from the boiling water - after shelling, of course - and have a short "shelf life"; i.e., they will spoil in a few days. I found them to be "mushy" and will take ME some time to acquire a taste for them.

But, here in LOXLEY, ALABAMA, I found another Vegetable Stand offering Boiled Peanuts.

This is SR 59, leading South to US 89 on the Gulf Coast. Contrary to my decision of last night, I have concluded it would be a major mistake to try walking US 89 along the Gulf Coast for two major reasons:

1) 4-Lane divided highway ALL THE WAY, with HEAVY traffic. Asking locals, I am advised that walking would be a big mistake on US 89.
2) Finding a place to park at night will be a major problem...witness the events of last evening when we were booted out of a city parking lot. With such heavy vacation use combined with normal traffic, overnight parking will certainly be limited to RV Parks at $35.00 to $40.00 a night...way beyond my budget.

On the other hand, it would probably be very beautiful, interesting, and tons of historic places to visit and photograph; in addition, should have good VERIZON Internet Signals for Blog prep.

All locals - about a half dozen this morning - advised me to stay on US 90, which they say is quite beautiful too, stays close to I-10 so will have excellent VERIZON coverage, and has only limited traffic.

So, US 90 it original routing choice of many months ago.

US 90 as it nears the border of Florida at the town of SEMINOLE, ALABAMA.

Please say HELLO to James Cantrell. James is a 63 year old native of these parts of Alabama. We swapped "war stories" for over an hour this afternoon while I was deciding on which watermelon to buy...James ended up GIVING me my watermelon...and two Cukes besides.

James and his Brother-In-Law, on whose property James also lives, are both trying to make sense of the death of Jame's sister in a local car crash. These stories are a bit unnerving to me...but to James, Ronnie, and Skull, are heart wrenching, leaving a deep loss. My heart goes out to them...and to all who have lost loved ones.

James said he had super sales days yesterday and Saturday. Father's Day was a "bust", as is today...because of his gift to me, he probably LOST $$ today.

Title Loan Companies seem to be the major thriving business in these parts.

A Ranch House and private lake a mile or so from the State Line.

James was telling me that SEMINOLE, ALABAMA - at the state line - had three businesses and about seven churches. I counted the three business, but could only find 4 churches.

SEMINOLE, ALABAMA, where SPIA is tucked down for the night snuggled up to the side of the local Convenience Store Building...even plugged into their electrical power...
US 90 approaching SEMINOLE, ALABAMA

This morning, I awoke to a SPIA completely out of Propane. From the Oregon events, I still have a small 3-gallon Propane tank for emergencies...this morning, it got used while we drove hither and yon trying to find Propane. Two hours later, in a nearby town of ROBERTDALE, ALABAMA, we finally filled SPIA's 7 Gallon Propane Tank. Of the many persons I asked for a Propane Filling location, only one had any idea...thank goodness he was correct.

We drove to the Intersection of US 90 and SR 59, parked in a Convenience Store lot, and walked North on us 90 back to LOXLEY, ALABAMA. I was not too eager to set foot in LOXLEY after being thrown out by the Fuzz last night.

Walked back to SPIA...took a few minutes to rest as it was already very hot and so humid that it fogged up my eye glasses and even the lense of my Panasonic Camera...every above photograph has a "moisture" smudge about in the middle of the pic. Then, walked East on US 90 for 3 hours and back to SPIA.

This evening, after a 2-hour long nap under the coolness of SPIA's Air Conditioner, walked back West on US 90 for another 3 hours.

SPIA is parked within 100 meters of the Florida - Alabama border. I am saving the crossing for in the morning...just imagine FLORIDA ! ! !

DAILY REPORT: Walked 6 + 12 + 12 miles = 30 miles.

SEE YOUR IMPACT.ORG: Credit 30 miles @ $0.02 = $0.60 for the day.

Now that Florida is at hand, I must begin in earnest to finalize plans after reaching KEY WEST, FLORIDA. I have two options:

1) Fly to Lisbon, Portugal and walk to BEIJING, CHINA, thence the Bearing Sea, thence, Alaska down the ALCAN Highway back to my starting point, The Peace Arch, Vancouver, B.C.; or,
2) Walk back up the Florida East Coast, continuing until reaching Canada...then West back to Vancouver, B.C.

My primary goal to to complete my Round-The-World walk...unaided if possible. This will require support of specialized kinds, but physically and mentally, I am ready to go. I have already written the Vancouver B.C. Marathon folks to put my name down for the June 16, 2013 Marathon. Anticipate crossing under the Peace Arch on May 31, 2013, raising a few eyebrows in doing so.

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I have been following you and wanted to meet you but had tinwork today when you passed through my area