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Thursday, June 23, 2011


Early morning view of SPIA before being tossed out of the RV Park. The Park is on the water with PENSACOLA, the I-10 Bridge, and US 90 Causeway all visible while sitting in a comfy chair next to Wayne's Trailer Home.

Before Wayne was up, I started walking East on US 90. I walked for 5.5 hours, all the way through the town of PACE, FLORIDA -mostly Strip Malls, including the big Box Stores - and to the village of MILTON, FLORIDA. There was really no dividing line as the two towns have grown into one.

Returned to SPIA only to be told that we were to leave immediately. The Owner apparently came by during the night...Wayne says he tried to wake me (he didn't try very hard ! !...

Wayne, of course, was crushed to have to tell us to leave...we chatted for a bit before we said our good bye's and drove East on US 90.

My walk through DALE and to MILTON was quite non-eventful...just two more towns trying to grow...must remember, of course, that I saw ONLY US 90. I did not go into any of the neighborhoods or side streets.

With about 6 miles to go back to SPIA, I stopped at this attractive Veggie & Fruit Trailer. I noticed it on the way out, and by the time I returned, I was more than hungry for some fruit.

I was offered a Sweet Georgia Peach, which I ate on the spot; also, a large slice of tomato, which also disappeared. Then, I chatted for some time with two lovely young ladies who were manning the business. What I am about to say is possibly the most unbelievable (for me) admission of my entire walk ! ! !

I CANNOT RECALL THE NAME OF EITHER YOUNG LADY ! ! ! Perhaps they will visit our Blog and share their names with us.

The Veggie / Fruit Trailer.

Walking back to SPIA was an exciting event. The Heavens opened up Big Time. For 45 minutes, I was wading through small rivers running down US 90. Arriving at SPIA, I was laughing like an idiot...I really do like the rain.

My tune changed when Wayne gave us the ole' heave-ho.

The most beautiful - and by far the most prolific - "businesses" on my morning 20-mile walk were churches. Most were sitting proudly showing off their elegance....proudly and empty.

Some of the larger ones were also schools. These churches had many vehicles parked around - most likely registering for Summer Classes. One Church advertised classes at $50.00.

All through Mississippi and Alabama - and now Florida - are religious signs such as in the photograph above. Click Click to enlarge it.

Many are Rhyming like the old "Burma Shaves" signs of the 1940's. Others fill complete computer operated articulating advertising signs...sharing space with the local Auto Company or Cocoa Cola.

Religion is a very large part of society in these parts. The opulence of some of the edifices is staggering at what they must cost.

I had a discussion today with a fellow in the Gardening business. His Company, he related to me, did a big job for one of the major local churches. Presented the Invoice, the Church handed it back with the comment...Oh, No; gardening for our Church is a charitable act...and his Company has never received payment.

This Tree Trimmer was so high up, I just had to take his photograph. A few minutes later and a couple miles down the road, he did a 180, pulled in front me and stopped: Why did you take my picture? I explained my walk, my blog, my interest in what a good job he was doing, etc. etc.

He leaned out of the driver's cab window, took my hand, and with a shake, said thanks...I thought I was doing something wrong and was about to be punished...and drove off.

I ask again, why are so many so fearful ?

Just realized that I have not included any recent photographs of local Malls. Well, here is one.

Not many Drive-Thru Coffee businesses in the South. Folks down here would go Bonkers to see what SEATTLE Drive-Thru Coffee business is like - or even BELLINGHAM, for that matter.
Often wondered what was the cost of one of the Manufactured Homes. Click Click this pic for the answer.

The local water tower of the town of DALE, FLORIDA

A Doggie Station on US 90.

Beyond MILTON, FLORIDA is wide open country. No farms. No businesses. Many homes, however set back in the trees off US 90.

This truck sitting beside the road is a reminder of the near total restriction to vehicles parking along roadways in the Deep South. I stopped this afternoon at a small Convenience Store, asking permission to park overnight. Was told Yes...even shown where and how to park. Five minutes later the person changed their mind and said I could not park at all. There was enough room for 50 vehicles to park without interfering with the business...

So, I moved SPIA to a hidden back road and again walked East on US 90. Another storm was gathering, thunder and tall black clouds converging on US 90. A woman was sitting in a Swing on her porch. On a moment's inspiration, I walked across the road, asked if I may come talk to her. Explaining my walk, and all that goes with it, she said her Husband would be home in a few moments...I continued walking and returned 1/2 hour later to be met by the most gracious young man one could imagine.

Of course you can park...right here by the house...electricity is over there...

I, grateful and dumbfounded at the same time, rushed back to SPIA, arriving 10 minutes AFTER the storm started dumping buckets of cold water on me...I arrived at SPIA soaked thru and thru for the second time today.

Not only did we have a place to bed down for the night, but a few moments later a knock knock on the door produced a heaping plate of home-made meat and veggie pie and a tall glass of cold milk.

I was handed a special head-band light and suggested I walk 10 minutes or so back through the forest to their private swimming hole - the dark waters of a small bayou hidden deep in the woods. They had an unexpected appointment, and could not visit. I put my pot pie up where the ants could not get at it, and walked through snake-infested woods in gathering darkness. More than a few minutes later, I nearly walked INTO the black waters. I would have loved to see this sacred place in daylight. I did take a couple photographs, not believing there would be anything to see in the near pitch dark..

Please see the above photograph...good ole' Panasonic camera; pic taken in near total darkness.

The ghostly trail through the darkening woods...If you see a snake, just avoid it... and use the head-band light to find your way back in the dark. It WAS dark; and, I did use the light.

Please say HELLO to two of the nicest folks I have had the pleasure to meet on my walk:


DAILY REPORT: Walked 3 legs: 20; 8; & 4 miles = 32

SEE YOUR IMPACT.ORG: Credit 32 miles @ $0.02 = $0.64 for the day.

It is now quite late - for me: 9:00 pm. Sitting at SPIA's Dining Table, writing on the Mini, I am covered in tiny biting ants. I have sprayed they all day, and still they come crawling from new hiding places. These ants are a new breed, having come up the "Power Cord" last night at Wayne's RV Park The previous infestation did not bite...these little guys do bite and are EVERY WHERE, including in my blankets.

Will spray my bed once again before turning in. Must also again wash my hair as they are crawling around in there too...

Well, Tomorrow Is Another Day (Gone With The Wind). I will think what to do tomorrow when tomorrow gets here.

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