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Monday, June 27, 2011


CARYVILLE, FLORIDA Town Hall. The small towns along this part of US 90 usually do have a Town Hall and Post Office.

After parking overnight at Gary's place, drove to CARYVILLE and parked again in this shaded glen. Walked back toward Gary's and then Forward (East) past SPIA and return for 14 miles. Strangely, it was heavily clouded all day. Thunder began early - about 10:00 am local and banged away all day.

Convenience Store near SPIA's parking glen.

On down US 90 (East) a mile or two is this new - 1995 - bridge spanning the CHATAWACHEE River Bridge. Waters were "black".

but made nice reflection for the camera.

Especially of this Rail Road Bridge about 200 feet from the auto bridge.

A bit further on, came upon a large field full of Bank Repossessed Manufactured Homes for sale.

Just had to find out what this was all about. The owner, a bit of better-than-thou attitude, explained that ALL these units are Repossessed. He buys them from the bank, refurbishes them and sells them for something less than 50% of "new" cost.

This is a refurbished 28 wide x 80 foot long 4 bedroom, 2 bath unit. I checked it out pretty close. It did not shake or wiggle, and appeared to be generally of good quality.

This is the view from the front door...Kitchen thru the door.

Three small bedrooms & one bath at one end, looked through the Dining Area into the Kitchen.

At the other end was this LARGE Master Bedroom, with sitting room and double bath; i.e., tub and separate shower.

The "small" bedroom bathroom.

The glib owner proudly announced the 24 x 80 unit sells new at $89.500.00 (or so). He bought it from the bank, pulled it to his "field", refurbished it, will set it up on YOUR lot, with all utilities hooked up and skirting, and and and (he does NOT do Septic Tanks).

For the TOTAL price of $35,000.00. Makes me wonder what the bank got out of this deal.

Local CARYVILLE, FLORIDA Watering Hole.

Trucks: Lots of trucks on this road ... mostly hauling logs to the Pulp Mill.

I notice most trucks in the Deep South are MACK. Out West, and across Mid-Continent, most are VOLVO. Out West most are KW (Kenworth), Peterbuilt, and Freightliner.

Met up once again with my companions from beyond the Western Egret-type bird.

First Tree Farm I have seen East of the Sierra Nevada / Cascade Mountains in the Far West.

US 90, I am told, goes all the way across the USA. Here is a relic from the Old US 99. One can still see the old roadway above the twin culverts.

Walked past two more clear-water streams today.

And, across Alligator Creek, which had NO running water...just rather smallish big puddles.

One Puddle was large / deep enough for this little guy (about 6 feet long - sorry, I chopped off his tail in the photograph) only one quick shot at him. Alligator #2 for the walk. Do not fret...we have hundreds more alligators coming up in the next three weeks as we turn South to Key West...perhaps even a Salt Water Crocodile ... or perhaps a Burmese Python.

DAILY REPORT: Made 2 walks today, totaling 24 miles.

SEE YOUR IMPACT.ORG: Credit 24 miles @ $0.02 = $0.48 for the day.

It rained HARD as I reached CHIPLEY, FLORIDA. Turned back to get SPIA...the rain stayed in CHIPLEY. Drove to Wal*Mart about 5 miles South next to I-10 (which is still with us), with the intention of parking overnight...No Way ! A 3 x 5 foot sign in RED:


Wonder what the City gains by legislating against Wal*Mart Customers parking overnight...I for one ALWAYS spend $$ when I stop at Wal*Mart.

Anyway, bought some food items and drove BACK to US 90 West of CHIPLEY where SPIA last parked under another big Oak Tree. Here, were have spent most of the night. We arrived at 4:00 pm local...I was VERY weak and tired, so took a short nap. Woke two hours is now 1:30 am - in the morning. Did not realize I was T H A T tired.

In the Morning, will drive to CHIPLEY, park SPIA, and continue walking East on US 90.

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