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Saturday, July 2, 2011


Today was a day without a single thunderhead. The sky has been full of small puffy clouds and the Sun has blazed down relentlessly. The humidity is so thick that in the morning of the past three days, we had ground fog at daybreak.

SPIA remained at Wal*Mart while I walked East on US 90 to and beyond I-10 Interstate. There are lots of steep hills along this part of US 90. It is also under construction for much of the way. Being Saturday & a holiday weekend, there was no one working. A number of runners used the construction area to avoid to traffic into and out of TALLAHASSEE, Florida.

Appears to be lots of $$ in TALLAHASSEE. A number of these "gated" communities line US 90.

US 90 coming into TALLAHASSEE from the West and leaving by the East is a broad avenue with "designer" written all over it. It was a change for me to use real sidewalks, as the roadway has no room for a Berm.

This RV Park was near I-10, in the construction area of U"S 90. After the showplace RV Park of CHATTAHOOCHEE, this park actually looked a bit run down. Especially out of place as across the Avenue sits a masterpiece of Religious of many along US 90.

Church across US 90 from the RV Park.

Met and spoke at length with a upper middle age black man on the sidewalk beside this church.
One day I must write about the South and its Churches....but not here...not at the moment.

Another designer church set on a expansive piece of property on US 90.

The photographs of these two places of worship are not at all representative of seeing the real thing. I have lots to learn about photography.

A sign advertising Landscape and Irrigating. The lake continues to the right. Did not see any construction or purpose for this beautiful scene, except to please the eye.

A bit closer to TALLAHASSEE is a large area where such a landscape project is being created. It already has a number of terraced lakes which are repeated on the opposite side of US 90. Someone is investing a ton of $$ here...not announced for what purpose.

The construction area includes extensive landscaping of the "Right Of Way", which extends 50 feet or so on both sides of the roadway.

This scene was lying next to the sidewalk, which was next to piles of dirt of the construction area. It was NOT caused by passing traffic, which is at least 100 feet away.

The Doll, lying face down, is perhaps 3 inches long. The handbag is about 3 inches square plus the straps. The folded booklet is about 1 inch square with several pages with writing on them.

I stopped and looked at this scene for several seconds; sat down beside it and tried to make sense of it. Finally, decided to leave it alone and post this photograph to tease the imagination of all.

I did not touch any of the articles lying on the grass.

The scene leaves a powerful message in my mind.

A mile or so along US 90 is this elaborate and well built playground.

It is apparently a display meant for sale.

It sits along the Right Of Way. The residence is hidden behind a grove of trees behind the display.

SAM got to ROLL today. For a few miles, U"S 90 had a nice Berm, so after completing the first leg of the day, drove SPIA to an abandoned Gas Station, parked, and took SAM down off her pedestal on the back of SPIA.

We walked for about 5 miles East on US 90, and suddenly, without any indication or purpose, the Berm just quit. The roadway white line ended covered with tall grass. I decided that back in BELLINGHAM, WASHINGTON and in a good part of Washington State last Summer, SAM & I walked safely on such a road, so I decided to risk it here in the Florida Panhandle.

I allowed SAM to use her motor while I concentrated on steering and watching into her rear view mirror for traffic coming up behind us. 'We were walking and rolling completely ON THE ACTIVE TRAFFIC LANE. Traffic had to STOP behind us if there was on-coming traffic. There simply was NO room for two vehicles and SAM & ME. I refused to leave the macadam and move into the tall grass...yesterday I saw my first rattlesnake - in the back of some one's pickup truck. He killed it on the platform where his kids walk to get into their swimming pool.

No way I will intentionally walk in tall grass.

So, we walked another 5 miles with traffic patiently and "kindly" allowing us to have the right of way. Not one time did anyone honk or yell or gesture at us. My guess is they were in a bit of shock to see a machine such as SAM driving all by herself down - and up - the highway.

We eventually came to the above photographed HILL TOP COUNTRY STORE, where we stopped, SAM parked out front, while I ordered and very much enjoyed a Pork Chop sandwich...a real pork chop, bone and all, nestled between two slices of toasted bread with tomato, pickles, relish, and the whole nine yards. I hand peeled the center out of the bone, slipped it back into the bread, and together with 15 or so other folks, enjoyed a lunch in a block house out back, complete with picnic tables and air conditioning.


I surely wish I had used SAM more on our walk.

Returning to SPIA, again taking our rightful place on the Highway as just another motor vehicle, we loaded SAM and drove into the Old town of MONTICELLO, FLORIDA.

I parked SPIA on a side street next to the Police Station and walked back into the Historical District to take photographs.

On a shaded bench across from the restored Court House, I met an old gentlemen. I invited myself to sit, and for the next hour, we talked about him, me, MONTICELLO, and the tragic consequences occurring in the Florida Panhandle because of no rain.

THE SOUTH HAS "S E R I O U S" water shortage problems, all the way from Central Texas to - at least - MONTICELLO, FLORIDA.

MONTICELLO, FLORIDA Court House - Restored.

DAILY UPDATE: Walked 2 legs today, totaling 24 miles.

SEE YOUR IMPACT.ORG: Credit 24 miles @ $0.02 = $0.44 for the day.

We are parked in an abandoned Restaurant inside the city limits of MONTICELLO, FLORIDA...this spot at the suggestion of the local Police Station.

In the morning, will leave SPIA parked, walk back through MONTICELLO, and East on U"S 90. There is a small village (2 buildings I am told) 16 miles distant. Will try to reach that village; then, return to SPIA and move East to do it some more.

Am told we are now out of the hilly area. The rest of the way to the Atlantic Ocean is all down hill.

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