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Thursday, July 21, 2011


John Pennington Coral Reef State Park, KEY LARGO, FLORIDA.

Drive into John Pennington Park from the Rangers Front Gate to the Beach, Marina, & RV Park.

SPIA snug in Space # 12.

Bathing Beach looked so inviting...I could begin to enjoy this.

Marina. Scuba, Snorkeling, Canoeing, can all be rented here.

The Boat Basin. Private boats can be launched here, also.

US 1 as it looks on KEY LARGO. If one did not know water was only a few meters on either side of the road, this could be US 1 just about anyplace in Florida.

Hidden in the forest of trees and vines is this well appointed Shopping Center at KEY LARGO.

Stopped in at "Swim With Dolphins". Asked if I could photograph the Dolphins...was told NO as the last "session" of the day was just finishing up.

Walked for 2 hours West on US 1. The business were just like anyplace else in the USA. Was told that in a few more miles, there would be lots of open water to visit and photograph.

Stopped in at PUBLIX Super Market to get a "Sun Pass" for Florida's Parkway. They wanted $4.95 for the "reader", to which Florida DOT adds a fee for the actual Toll. Alternatively, one can have the vehicle license plate read with an Invoice mailed to the resident address with the Toll - plus $2.50 handling fee.

It is slow going through MIAMI on I-95 / US 1. The Florida's Parkway eliminates all that by starting in the Florida Keys and goes all the way North to the Florida Panhandle. A good option.

The PUBLIX Supermarket Lady also told me that parking IS available at PUBLIX in KEY WEST. If we get an early start in the morning, we may drive directly to KEY WEST to scout out the place...could make it easier and more interesting for our Saturday entry with SAM & ME.

Begin Earlier Narrative input:

Photographs will come later.

Trying to salvage my arrival at KEY WEST, FLORIDA, we have driven this morning from LAKE WORTH CAMPGROUND directly down I-95 / US 1, to KEY LARGO, FLORIDA KEYS, where we have succeeded in finding an RV Spot for SPIA.

We are in the John Pennekamp Coral Reef Florida State Park Campground, Space 12. Early in the morning, we will drive West on US 1 to the Curry Hammock Florida State Campground where we have reservations for 2 nights, tomorrow, Friday July 22 and Saturday July 23.

Curry Hammock Park is still 60 miles short of KEY WEST. Early Saturday morning,we will drive SPIA to within 10 miles of KEY WEST, where we can park for the day (no overnight parking). SAM & ME will Walk and Roll the final 10 miles into KEY WEST. We will spend a few hours in KEY WEST; then, SAM & ME will Walk & Roll back to SPIA for the return drive to Curry Hammock Park for the night.

The State Campground office advised that RVs are not welcome in KEY WEST at all because of the heavy visitation this week and next .

Early Sunday morning, July 24, we will return to mainland Florida, choose a suitable State Park Campground - perhaps Jonathan Dickinson Park again - and begin our walk to OKLAHOMA CITY, thus, completing our Diagonal crossing of last Summer from the Peace Arch to "Florida" - not all the way to Key West as we planned, but considering Florida parking restrictions, the best we can do.

It is now 2:30 in the afternoon in KEY LARGO. I will take a couple hour walk to town and along US 1, get some photographs and report what I find.

Some are probably well disgusted with me by now with all my criticism and complaints. Thank you, All, for sticking by me while I wrestle with unforeseen parking complications. I may not be doing my "best", but still have some options open for later consideration.

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Aimee @ Just Kidding Around Atlanta said...

I feel so bad that you can't complete this trip the way you'd planned. But it's good you've got a back up plan, and I think you are doing great!!

I have a question for you. Do you have a paypal account? If so, why not add a button here on your blog so that people can donate money directly to your account? You can link paypal to your bank account, so you can access it. It's very easy to set up, and that would make it easier for people to help you out on your journey!