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Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Harry took me to a TEA PARTY meeting last evening. Subject of the evening was AGENDA 21. I had never before heard of it. I WILL study it closely. Will not comment on the discussion...only that AGENDA 21 is all-encompassing...might be worth a look see.

Driving home in the dark, these two geese ran out in front of Harry's car...Look out Harry...They know the rules...stay out from in front of the car or get run over.

A no nonsense man is Harry.

Said goodbye to Harry and Maryanne at daybreak and drove to LAKE CITY, FLORIDA, the junction of SR 90 and US 41. US 41 is the beginning of our walk to OKLAHOMA CITY, OK.

Drove out 10 miles and parked SPIA. Walked back 5 miles...returned to SPIA...and walked North - forward - another 5 miles and back again = 20 miles walked.

Then drove SPIA North 20 miles and parked again in the local Supermarket of JASPER, FLORIDA.. Repeated the 5 miles back and return to SPIA. Had a bite to eat, bought a watermelon and some ice for our new Ice Chest - the foam ones leaked after 12 hours, nearly ruining SPIA's cushions before I noticed the leaking.

Then walked another 5 miles North and returned to SPIA just before dark.

During our second walk of the day, crossed the SWANEE RIVER (Way Down Upon The Swanee River, etc.....). The river was nearly DRY.

The water in this photograph is not is stand still, as in a lake.

Looking in the opposite direction, it is a bit difficult to see clearly, but the water stops near the top of the frame...only dirt and rocks continue.

I was told that at the River's birth from the OKEECHOBEE SWAMP, there is NO water flowing. Folks can walk for quite way in the river bottom before encountering water.

There have been a sporadic thunder storms passing through Florida during my walk, but they last only a few minutes, dump large quantity of water, which immediately runs off or soaks into the parched sandy soil.

The entire South of the USA is in big doo doo over lack of water...all the way from the San Joaquin Valley in California to the Atlantic Shores.

Please say Hello to Officer Gaylard. This gentleman and I had a long chat in his "Office" about many subjects - including lack of water...i.e., not long ago Officer Gaylard saw two Alligators near his office walking across the Highway US search of water.

His real task is to monitor movement of "goods" in and out of Florida, as well as keep an eye on general activities for five different Government Agencies.

Officer Gaylard said the above sign was decades old...nobody stops anymore except new drivers who don't know different. Pickup trucks, he says, only belonged to farmers when this sign was put everyone has a pickup. No one feels it urgent to change the sign, so it is just ignored.

If he suspects a problem, he has his supercharged Cruiser to chase 'em down.

The local Fire Station near JASPER, FLORIDA.

One of the trucks that should have stopped at Officer Gaylard's office...but did not.

A stand of tall Pine Trees. There is the occasional Palm Tree, but we have definitely left the "South".

A pond so in need of water that it is overgrown with algae.

JASPER, FLORIDA Water Tower (there are actually two such towers)...JASPER MUD FEST ???

Down town JASPER.

Another view of down town. I walked the entire town two times. 5 of every 6 stores are closed or vacant. Time are difficult in JASPER also.

A bloom I could not pass up.

Same bloom in white.

DAILY UPDATE: Walked 40 miles today. Feet are a bit sore, but no injury and ready for tomorrow. We will walk in the State of Georgia early tomorrow morning. Should reach VALDOSTA, GEORGIA by nightfall.

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