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Sunday, July 31, 2011


Breath-taking, huh ?

BAINBRIDGE, GEORGIA is an old aristocratic town of period homes and churches.

The home above is a good selection. If it were not for the MILLIONS of No-See-'Ums (tiny biting gnats), BAINBRIDGE would be the ideal place to live.

Elegant homes lines nearly every street - then again, I only walked the main US 84 avenues.

No, not a Government Building. This is a Church.

As is this Methodist Church...gnats were eating away at my face...cut off the top.

Many Farm Implement businesses such as this John Deere outlet on US 84 West of town.

SPIA found a shady spot in the local US 84 Truck Stop. We may have to stay here two nights.

A young fellow washing a truck...reminds me of another cherished moment:

Family owned Tri-City Freightlines, PASCO, WASHINGTON from 1948 to 1953. Among other trucking duties, little Brother, Jim and I worked every morning before school and every evening after school handling freight from the P.I.E. 18-wheelers from L.A.

Also, we had a fleet of gasoline tank truck & trailer rigs belonging to P.I.E.. (Pacific Intermountain Express). It was the job of Jim and me to keep all the rigs clean. Course, the wash stand was one block away from the parking area. That is how Jim - at 10 years old - and I - at 12 years old - became quite expert at handling and driving the big rigs. Stood us well over the years as I know I - and believe Jim - never put a scratch on ANY vehicle during all the years of our driving.

Oh, yes...we received $5.00 for each truck washed. I saved many hundred dollars doing something I loved...used lot of it flying my airplanes.

A self-photo of me wearing my gnat screen.

The truck washing guy took this pic for me...there were at least 3 dozen gnats crawling on my face net when he took the photo. Without this net, I simply could NOT walk in this part of Georgia. He said, as he swatted gnats from his face...kinda get used to it over the years.

Bet one could make such a net in 15 minutes for less than a buck...and sell them at $10.00. Many asked me where I got it...from Betty Price in Oregon, I always reply...thanks Betty.

Walked 2 - 3 blocks at a time crossing BAINBRIDGE, GEORGIA this afternoon. After reaching the truck stop, ventured out on US 84. Within 1 mile, my left leg stiffened up and had to return. Will give another whirl in the morning...then we shall see.


Sandra said...

excuse me, but aren't you supposed to be resting?!

Melissa Keith said...

Hi Bruce -
Sorry to hear about your fall, bumped head and hurt leg. I hope you rest up a while. This looks like a Beautiful town! Any idea how much those lovely homes sell for? (once an appraiser, always an appraiser)

Oh - also a very belated CONGRATULATIONS!!! on your amazing accomplishment!