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Monday, August 1, 2011


There will be no photographs today.

Walked only enough to do some shopping, laundry, and service SPIA.

Feel great ! Except did pull my groin and twisted my left ankle. Both are sensitive, but no real pain.

I have been - again - very fortunate.

My readings were 91 / 60 -or some such numbers - when EMS checked me out. Appears I simply got too hot on the inside; that in spite of drinking lots of water and dousing my head, neck and back with water every 10 minutes or so.

Upon completing miles 21 through 30, returned to SPIA, parked next to a Convenience Store. Went into the store for ice water. The ice water hit a sizzling body and simply blew a fuse...alas, over I toppled...twisting and landing on my left leg in the process. Knew I was going, so was in the process of sitting down on the floor...just a bit late.

Upon resetting my fuse; i.e., giving me a shot of oxygen, I was fine. Pleaded with EMS to NOT go to ER. They insisted. Upon arrival at ER, all my systems; Pulse, EKG, Heart, effect all vitals were normal - with the exception that my Kidney was not working properly. After an IV bottle, the Kidney jump started also.

It is now 48 hours later. Just returned from a very good Chinese Buffet. BP Truck Stop is allowing me to use their water to fill up SPIAs tanks; they also are allowing me to use their electrical power to charge SPIAs house battery which was so low the house circulating fan - an itty bitty one - barely turned over. With 120 Volt power ON, all systems are up and functioning...EXCEPT:

Turned on SPIAs 120 Volt Air Conditioner and promptly tripped BPs electrical circuit...just too much draw in all this heat. BP reset the fuse and all is back up...sans A/C.

Will try to get a good night sleep - if the itty bitty fan has enough house battery to run all night - and in the morning, commence cautious walking. Will keep SPIA close; i.e., within one or two miles in the beginning to see how it goes. Alabama is only 30 miles or so from BAINBRIDGE.

If we can make 10 miles tomorrow, I will be pleased.

One more bit of good news: In Oregon back in February, installed a complete new electrical harness on SPIAs motor. All ran great for a couple months. Then, in idle, the motor started acting up. Had to run SPIAs motor in idle to generate enuf electrical power to run the Mini Computer so we could create our blogs...By the time we reached Florida, it was in horrible condition. Upon reaching Georgia, decided the problem was gummed-up spark plug points and injector jets. So, poured a pint of "cleaner" into the gas tank. That was 3 gas tank fill-ups ago. SPIAs motor now runs like a brand new motor.

Just thought I would throw that in as a consideration for anyone who might be having a rough-running motor in low rpm.

Except for the twisted ankle / leg, ER gave me a clean bill of health...ready to walk and roll...better, as one ER recently said...better than any 35 year old has a right to be.

Chalk it up to my Lymphatic System...don't chuckle...I am serious...Lymphatic System really should be Googled. It is the center of our Immune System and does so very much more...but needs our help to work at all.

If I don't get some "OK, Brucie Baby, I read it" , I will subject this blog to a somewhat detailed but non-technical dissertation of just what is the Lymphatic System and why we all MUST know and understand it...and give it our closest attention each and every day. Of the many many I have asked about the Lymphatic System, less than 1 in 100 even knew we had such a system. Criminal, I say...absolutely criminal. Before Cri was afflicted with Cancer, I, too did not know any such thing existed. Now, it is foremost in my daily activities and the reason I remain healthy and recover so quickly when injured or attacked by a virus or bacteria.

OK, OK...'nuf said.

Nite Nite

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Aimee @ Just Kidding Around Atlanta said...

Just reading through some of the many pages of info on the lymphatic system. Wow - I knew a little about it from a friend who's a massage therapist, but not nearly enough!! Thanks for the encouragement to learn more. I need to work on the rest/exercise/stress reduction parts of it! : )