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Saturday, August 13, 2011


Don't know the meaning of this advertisement, but it was on a large bill-board on US 84 / I-65 intersection. Nice looking pooch.

Was not going to walk this morning...following the "suggestion " of Doctor Amrita...but felt so very good decided to do just a couple miles and see how it goes. Ended up walking 14 miles and have been nearly crippled the rest of the day.

Above photograph is of three prior businesses of EVERGREEN, ALABAMA...all three closed.

A couple miles further on US 84,another casualty

Decided to drive to the next village to find a place for the night. Came upon a large airport with interesting static display...decided to stop in and ended up spending the entire day visiting.

and, yet another bankruptcy to be of many in EVERGREEN.

I-65 as it passes under US 84. MOBILE, ALABAMA is about 75 miles to the left - South.

A rather large - but diminishing - countryside lake along side US 84.

Please say HELLO to Lomax Sims.

Lomax is a retired gentleman who has taken a job as part time Manager of the local airport.

A retiree as Manager of a local Post Office, Lomax has battled Cancer for some time until he beat it into remission. He and I spent many hours in his office and checking out the aircraft and swapping "war", Lomax is NOT a fact, he has never been in an airplane.

I decided it would be great if SPIA could spend the next two - three nights at the airport while I FINALLY totally rested my very painful left ankle. Since the airport is EVERGREEN City Property, I visited the Police Department, asking permission. The officers checked with the MAYOR, who told them NO...absolutely NO. The officers and I spent nearly one hour kicking about the subject of employees /vs/ bosses, traveling, and how pleased they would be if I continued to park in town where they could keep a close eye on SPIA.

Florida...Hello, Florida...are you listening ???

So, SPIA is once again parked near the Chinese Buffet tonight and at least tomorrow night as well.

There are two aircraft on display behind Lomax:

This is the US Navy J-6 pure Jet of 1940's vintage...America's first operational pure jet.

The US Air Force version of this aircraft is known as the F-86. This was the aircraft at K-16, SUWON, KOREA, when I was the Secretary (at 17 years old) for the Commander of the 8th Fighter-Bomber Wing. Our job was to drop bombs on North Korea - years 1952 & 1953.

Across the field from the 8th was the 51st Fighter Interceptor Wing (the checkered-tail guys), flying the exact same F-86...who had the job to protect our bombers from the Russian MIG 15.

When both wings took off on their regular morning missions, they lined up four abreast on the runway and proceeded their takeoff roll as one. Before the first group was half way down the runway, the second group of four started rolling...this sequence continued until about 50 or more aircraft were airborne bound for MIG Alley...the Northern sky of K-16 blacked out from the exhaust of so many F-86s exhaust.

Upon returning, the 51st Interceptor F-86s which had shot down one (or more) MIG 15s, zoomed down the runway at 50 feet elevation or so, doing barrel rolls with a vertical pullup, spinning all the while straight up...their "victory roll".

My best friend, Bruce Bothell (high school mate) was a F-86 Crew Chief. Many a time he allowed me to ride the brakes in his aircraft as he "tugged" it around the parking area. My, what fun !

This aircraft is the US Navy primary trainer of 50 years ago, the T-28.

This aircraft is the current US Navy primary trainer, the T-6 Turboprop. I may be in a position to discuss it more on Monday. Quite a beautiful machine.

As alluded above, I have shut myself down from ANY further walking for at least 48 hours. I plan to spend a good deal of time at the airport. I will also drive SPIA locally to find interesting activities I can include in our blog.

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