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Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Got an early start this morning, stepping out of SPIA as the Sun rose above South JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI. City Center is actually a few miles to the left of this photograph.

Decided not to do DENNY'S again, so made a double batch of Oatmeal for breakfast...and good thing too, as the day came apart at the seams.

Noteworthy about US 80 West of JACKSON are the number of previous large businesses which now stand empty. The above building is For Lease.

One of three Motels closed down on US 80 within a couple miles of US 49.

A large production / factory now stands empty.

US 80 as it passes under the I-20 freeway exit to JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI.

A number of bridges like the one above carry US 80 to the next town, CLINTON, MISSISSIPPI.

All these bridges have gaping holes in the concrete pavement and the sides next to the sidewalk have crumbled...some places held together with steel plates bolted to the concrete.

Getting closer to CLINTON, US 80 has been recently renovated and is quite modern and well maintained.

...except for a place or two, such as in the above photograph which has had the guard rail taken out by an accident...apparently some time ago.

Note the white line next to the berm at all along much of US 80.

Crossing bridges must be timed carefully between oncoming vehicles as there is NO room to walk and NO escape route.

Please say HELLO to Jacob, who got up close and personal with SPIA today.

On my second walk of the day, left SPIA parked in WALMART in CLINTON, MISSISSIPPI.

Happened on an auto shop, O'Reilly, which referred me to a "excellent" auto repair shop, NORTHWEST FIRESTONE. SPIA's engine has been acting up again...idling very rough with growing smell of exhaust fumes.

Cut my walk short, returned to SPIA, and drove to Northwest Firestone. Received a quote of $300.00 to repair the Exhaust Manifold Gasket and tune up the engine. That was done, except the engine still idled rough.

On closer inspection, it was discovered that the Intake Manifold Gasket was also leaking, causing too much air to be sucked into the engine, confusing the on-board computer...the cause of rough idling, which MUST be repaired to avoid engine damage.

Cost: $416.00...nearly all labor cost as the entire right side of the engine accessories must be removed to get access to the broken gasket. The gasket cost is $10.00.

i.e., walking has all of a sudden become expensive.

The new gasket is on hand, but now being 5:15 pm, the shop is closed and everyone has gone home. We are allowed to remain parked overnight - with electricity -. The work will be completed by mid day tomorrow.

In total,walked 14 miles today. Not all bad, as it gives the ankle a bit more time to mend.

Keeping out a sharp eye for that fabled tree on which it is said money grows...

SPIA is well stocked with food...enough to last a couple weeks. Upon completing the engine repair, SPIA should be in tip top condition once again.

Jacob and his sidekick burrowing into SPIA's engine.

Have lots of soul searching to do before continuing our walk tomorrow. This is gonna be a great exercise in creativity, conservation and patience.

and, the Mississippi River is still two days away.

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