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Monday, August 15, 2011


And, we did go strolling West on US 84, which crossed over the above RR Track which runs through the village of REPTON, ALABAMA. The rails are rusted...having seen no train for many a blue moon.

This part of US 84 in South West Alabama, runs through many rolling hills...some rather steep. US 84 carries considerable traffic, especially 18-wheelers. The Police tell me they use US 84 to avoid the Weigh Stations on I-10, which runs parallel to and between US 84 and US 90 (which I walked a couple months ago heading East).

The villages / towns are very tiny...some without any store at all. Along the way between towns there are sometimes a few buildings - gas station, convenience store, package store, restaurant, etc...most located at the crossroad of US 84 and another small County or State back road.

This was the first time I found a profusion of water plants in a creek. You can see the water is very clear. It is the red soil in the bottom that makes it look black.

This creek is just plain muddy.

I like this of the few encouraging good citizenship. Most such signs are a threat to your body and mind...such as: $1,000 FINE FOR LITTERING PLUS PUBLIC CLEAN-UP PENALTY TIME.

In truth, most of our Nation is run on the premise that no one gives a damn unless threatened with some form of punishment.

The above Alabama sign should be used as an example for us all.

REPTON City Hall...placed no where near the actual village. Strange.

A Sports Bar / Grill set along US 84 way out in the village nearby.

A Package Store about 1/4 miles from the Sports Bar. A Package Store is where one goes to purchase "Hard" Liquor...and a few convenience items. They seem to survive where others do not.

A Soon-To-Be-Dinosaur: The REPTON Post Office may be one of 25 or so in Alabama that are to be closed...if I recall correctly, some 3,500 Post Offices are to be closed nationwide.

I was told by a local that UPS and FED EX use the Post Office to deliver packages in the cheaper than running their own truck out and back...of course, the P.O. looses $$ in the process.

The Post Office is also placed out of town, across US 84 from the City Hall.

A near by home.

and another.

Up and coming in the architectural competition with Churches...the local "Undertaker".

A town may have many churches...but usually a few towns share a single undertaker.


MEXIA is a small town in is spread over many miles, however, and difficult to say where the town really is.

A MEXIA Church.

and next to it, a Mega-Church in MEXIA, ALABAMA.

Click click for a rendition of CLAIBORNE, ALABAMA, a historical spot. Alabama has many such points of interest; most of them, however, are placed in inaccessible places, such as in a pasture, an enclave of trees, or on top of a steep hill of grass (certain to contain at least one poisonous snake).

Speaking of snakes: I still have not seen a single snake during my ENTIRE walks this or last year.

From CLAIBORNE, ALABAMA (just a buildings), US 84 dives into the Alabama River Valley. The town of GOSPORT, ALABAMA, where SPIA is parked for the night, is on the other side of this valley - about 5 miles across.

GOSPORT GENERAL STORE. My, that was a smooth transition pic to pic.

The General Store is the only act in town, except for a half dozen homes fronting US 84.

Perhaps there is more action back in the woods, but we probably will not go there.

Note of Interest: Ice Chest received 16 pounds of ice 28 hours ago. It still has about 1/4 of the ice remaining; having used the ice water to cool drinks and keep food, to bathe my feet, treat my ankle, and fill my two 1-gallon bottles I use to flush SPIAs toilet...must find ways to conserve $$.

In addition to the Silvered Foil - used for car windows -, I have added a folded Bath Towel on top of the Foil (inside the ice chest), and another Bath Towel on top of the closed lid, which insulates off the edges, which are not very well sealed even with the lid closed (I know for certain, because I put a bag of cookies inside the Ice Chest; not only did they find the cookies, the entire ant colony had set up residence inside...and in just a few hours time.)

Speaking of conserving $$, have discovered (boy am I slow) that I do NOT have to run SPIAs motor to generate electricity to run the Mini to complete this blog. As long as the ignition key is "ON", but on "SAFETY", the cigarette lighter is activated, which converts 12V to 120V through my 400 W Inverter, which runs the Mini Computer. The big motor starting battery is doing all the work...& the Mini uses very little energy...not to endanger the starting battery...SO, am saving more $$ in gas.

Now if I can just find where trees hide their 120v outlets, we can keep the "House" Battery charged up also (runs lights, itty bitty fans, etc. The itty bitty fans are a MUST during the hot afternoons when SPIA gets well into 120 F or so inside.

OK...I walked two legs today...each of 10 miles. Yes, my ankle hurts. Yes, I should NOT walk so much if at all.

And Bob...I will take it easy with the IBU...only when a MUST.

By the way, FACEBOOK has closed my access to my own site. They say they are studying an "Issue" which should take only a few far it has been closed to me all day. So, I may not be able to post this blog update to FACEBOOK. It is created in GOOGLE, however, under: "" and then copy/pasted to FACEBOOK.

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