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Monday, August 15, 2011


6:30am Oatmeal eaten and "kitchen" cleaned. Dressed for walking...and a nice walking morning it is. Question is: should I risk it or rest more.

SPIA needs water in her tanks...not many-places in this part of Alabama to service RVs The map shows no sizable towns for many miles..may have to knock on a private home to ask for a hose hookup. Water has nearly out because I hand wash / rinse my walking duds each day...otherwise they smell just awful...something to do, Ron F., with the recent roadside encounter, regarding which I posted an Epilog, but deleted it as - in my opinion - inappropriate for this blog.

My Failure re. Oklahoma City has been questioned. My goal was Key West via Oklahoma City. Quitting at Oklahoma has been looked upon as a failure on my part.

I wish to clarify one important aspect regarding success / failure in the eyes of older least in the eyes of this old gentleman: As I have become older, the need to succeed has fact ALL needs - anyone listening - have keenly intensified.

Failure is not an option.

To that purpose, walking from Florida back to Oklahoma City is essential to remove any stigma of my prior failure.

Some have alluded at impropriety between Jodi - my 2-week companion of last year on the road to Oklahoma City - and me. Nothing could be more wrong. Jodi and I respected each other...we did have differing life priorities which made it adviseable to part ways. Jodi is a fine woman. I am honored she asked to join me.

With that, I will go strolling a bit on US 84.

1 comment:

Bob said...

Interesting that you should be talking of failures Bruce.

I have been reading about your every step and have seen it all as one success after another, quite inspirational.

Keep on trucking my friend.